Dropbox customer service or lack of

DropboxBy far and away the number one email I get from readers is about lousy customer service. This includes the frustration of having to fill out online support tickets and the lack of customer support with old-fashioned way – talking to a real live person on the phone.

I had a first hand encounter with Dropbox recently, where I needed an answer pretty quick to solve a problem.

Some 24 hours later, I still hadn’t heard back from them on my issue so I filled out a media request form asking;

What is your time frame for contacting a user, who has filled out a help ticket on your “Contact Us” page? Also is there a phone number for people to call you to speak to a live person instead of emailing back and forth?

I got a reply to my media request about six hours later, which isn’t bad, although I’m still waiting for them to answer my questions. Almost immediately after filling out the media request, I got an answer on my help ticket from the day before.

Coincidence or not????

After filling out this media request, I got an answer from a Dropbox external PR team member (Allison+Partners) who said they weren’t a spokesperson so I couldn’t quote them.

Why would a media request be routed to a PR firm, who can’t be quoted?

helpIts a week later, I still don’t have the answers from Dropbox, but this is a company who wants the world to trust them with your irreplaceable digital photos, video’s, work and personal documents in a cloud?

But they can’t tell me how to contact someone when there is a problem and get a timely answer?

I’m going to work on a bigger story on customer service or lack of.

For sure Dropbox will be included since at this point I’d classify them as horrible. I’ve had personal encounters with other companies on customer service and in my mind there is no one who is as bad as XM-Sirus radio

Dropbox is giving them a run for the money…….more to come.

I will say, up to this one issue, Dropbox is an outstanding Cloud service. Obviously they need a little tweaking on the customer service end but that shouldn’t be difficult – hopefully.

Please email me with your customer services problems or compliments.

Gregg Ellman twitter: @greggellman


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