Lytro Releases Focus Spread

Lytro has steadily grown its category of photography based on viewer interactivity (Living Pictures), but today it released new software that lends an unprecedented capability to still photography.

Focus Spread, part of Lytro's new Desktop 4.1 update, allows users to pinpoint at which depths the focus begins and ends in an image like two apertures in a single picture.


Users can now capture multiple subjects at different depths in f/16 while maintaining a foreground/background in full f/1 blur ‹ previously impossible for DSLRs without image stacking.

Most of LYTRO ILLUM'S heavy lifting is done by computation, rather than physical components, so new software (now available to all LYTRO ILLUM owners) has the power to unlock new capabilities in the camera itself.

For more on Focus Spread and a rundown of other new Lytro Desktop 4.1 features (enhanced histogram, white balance dropper, sharing to Facebook and XRAW exports):

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