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Ithaca, NY—February 24, 2015—Spider Camera Holster (www.spiderholster.com), makers of unique, ergonomic camera-carrying solutions for photographers, today announced the launch of the Spider Monkey Rain Cover and Water Bottle Holder. The newest additions to Spider Holster’s professional line of photography accessories, the Spider Monkey Rain Cover and Water Bottle Holder provide a level of protection, reliability and convenience that Spider Holster users have come to know and trust. Both accessories are available immediately at select retailers and online at spiderholster.com.

Spider Monkey Rain Cover

The key for when inclement weather strikes, the Spider Monkey Rain Cover is the perfect sidekick for any photographer on an outdoor shoot. Lightweight and compact, the unique Spider Monkey Rain Cover attaches to the versatile Spider Monkey Accessory Clip, which clips to the user’s own belt as well as all of Spider Holster’s belts and Lens Pouches. With a push of a finger, the rain cover detaches from the belt and offers users immediate gear protection from the elements. The Spider Monkey rain cover slips easily over any professional camera with plenty of room for lenses up to 70-200/2.8. It also features an elastic band so users can fully enclose their camera, allowing for maximum protection from rain, snow or sleet while the camera is still attached to the holster.

Spider Monkey Water Bottle Holder

Photo shoots often last from morning to night, and photographers are constantly on the move in pursuit of the perfect shot. Whether it’s hot or cold, it’s vital to stay properly hydrated. Spider Holster has addressed this concern by introducing the Spider Monkey Water Bottle Holder. Equipped with the Spider Monkey holster, the Spider Monkey Water Bottle Holder allows photographers to keep their choice of hydration close-by and out of the way by clipping directly to their own belt, as well as all of Spider Holster’s belts and Lens Pouches. The Spider Monkey Water Bottle Holder detaches from the Spider Monkey clip with a push of a finger, allowing the photographer to comfortably grab the holder itself during drinking, rather than forcing them to remove and then insert the bottle back in the holder. Made out of neoprene, the holder insulates a photographer’s choice of beverage while also allowing for variety of bottle shapes.

“Spider Holster has been a continuous game changer for me over the years,” said Pete Leong, professional photographer and Spider Holster Ambassador. “With the expanded Spider Monkey accessories system, I can now power through long photoshoots in heavy rain or intense heat, all without needing to carry bulky extra gear. The Spider Monkey Water Bottle Holder makes it super easy to grab a quick drink without taking my mind off the shoot, and because of the Rain Cover, I can head out on photoshoots in unfavorable weather with the confidence of knowing my gear will be safe from rain or snow. I’m thankful to finally have these items on my belt!”

Price and Availability

The Spider Monkey Rain Cover carries an MSRP of $25.00 and the Spider Monkey Water Bottle Holder carries an MSRP of $20.00. Both accessories are available for purchase through the company website and at Spider Holster-authorized dealers. For further details and a full list of Spider Holster products, visit www.spiderholster.com.

About Spider Holster

Founded by professional photographers, Spider Camera Holster develops innovative camera-carrying gear and accessories. Their mission is to provide revolutionary, ergonomic solutions for photographers from all walks of life. The SpiderPro holster system has quickly become a trusted tool for photographers looking to protect themselves against the neck, shoulder and back strain, while also providing a lightning fast quick-draw access and a secure attachment point for even the heaviest pro-DSLRs. Their expanding lines of carrying solutions and accessories make it easier than ever to get DSLRs off photographers’ necks and shoulders and better the way they carry cameras and take photos. Learn more at http://www.spiderholster.com.

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