Calling All Senior Grads! Take Your Graduation or Announcement Photo That Will Be Remembered For The Right Reason

Professional Photographers of America unveils quiz and tips for high school senior graduates to take a photo that will make them proud years from now

ATLANTA, GA (April 10, 2015) – To all those high school seniors about to graduate who have yet to take their senior photo or for those who wish to send out a personalized announcement with a photo they really like – look no further. Professional Photographers of America (PPA) offers tips, a quiz and a database of professional photographers to help seniors make the best decision on choosing the right photographer for capturing their true selves in an appropriate setting and framework to mark the event.

PPA Offers These 5 Tips for Getting the Best Senior Graduation and Announcement Photos
1) Start with recommendations on a professional photographer from a real friend (someone who actually wants you to look good).

2) Shop around- Check out photographers’ websites and make sure none of the seniors photographed are:
a) In crop tops- we know you love casual but these pictures make a statement
b) Doing a cheesy pose- is this the shot you want publicized 20 years down the road when you are famous?
c) Not themselves- Are the hairstyles totally glamorized? Are all the guys in tuxes? Find a photographer you are comfortable with and who portrays your style

3) WWMP – ask yourself, Which (photographer) Would Mom Pick? Let’s be honest, the photographer you pick needs to make you and mom happy. So, take into consideration which photographer she may prefer.

4) Go online and look at photographers’ reviews – do the people in their portfolio look like what you’d aspire to look like or do the photos say “nope not me”

5) In all seriousness, look for how the photographer uses light, meet him or her in person and see if you can feel a connection, and decide if you’re comfortable with them photoshopping your photos or not.

Professional Photographers of America (PPA) created a quick, easy and fun quiz to help seniors define their style and, in turn, find a photographer who will best convey their look and feel of how they want to be remembered for years to come.

By answering five questions in the “What’s Your Senior Style?” quiz> , high school seniors can find out what their photography style is – class clown, most athletic, most artistic, best dressed, or most likely to achieve, get tips on choosing the right photographer to match their personal style and locate a professional photographer who will get the job done. Grads can also watch a short video> to see how PPA photographers capture the unique personalities of real high school seniors.

For more information on senior portrait photography or to find a PPA photographer near you that specializes in high school senior portraits, visit

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