Sharing Improvements

We’ve improved the sharing process inseveral important areas. Now you can post your Living Pictures directly to your 500px photo galleries on Lytro, select multiple images, add captions andupload, then share links to let viewers interact with your images.

The update also improvedthe method for sharing links to images and animations on Facebook. The newsharing process is managed via its own dedicated UI flow, with support formultiple image selections and editable descriptions.

Sharing is also simpler and more engaging with multiple image selections and descriptions per image that are editable prior to the upload process. Plus, now you can add Living Pictures to existing albums.


Image Editing Improvements

We’re also rolling out several important new features in Lytro Desktop 4.2 to provide more control when editing, to ultimately help you produce better Living Pictures. Additional details are included below:

Lens flare is undesirable in captured images – it can wash out color and detail. With careful compositing and use of lens hood it can sometimes be avoided. Now with the Lytro Desktop 4.2, a single click of a button enables Lens Flare Reduction that automatically minimizes the negative effect of lens flare artifacts and glare.

Chromatic aberration occurs when colors don’t share the same convergence point. It typically appears in an image as color fringes along a high contrast sharp edge. New tools let users click to enable Defringe, and interactively adjust sliders to set the radius and threshold values of the effect.


Tilt can create interesting effects and produce brilliantly refocusable Living Pictures that highlight specific areas of the image. With our two color Depth Assist for previsualization of Tilt, you can interactive your edit where your blur and focus ranges start as well as control the angle across the image.


Auto Tone is a quick way to adjust the black and exposure levels of an image with a single click. It’s an easy image editing technique that can help you save time and get a first pass.


Workflow Improvements

We’ve reorganized the Adjustments categories to bring Color processing to the top as a more logical first step. The Virtual Camera appears next, enabling you to set Aperture, Focus Spread and Tilt. Below are Details for controlling the finer edits in your image, and lastly are your Framing settings for cropping the final image.

To provide you a better gauge of how far your post processing edits have to go to reach completion, we’ve added a second Progress Indicator below your single image.

Knowing what your flash settings were at the point of capture is very useful, so Lytro Desktop 4.2 now displays your flash data in the Info panel for you to reference as needed.

Lytro Desktop 4.2 Available Now

The Lytro Desktop 4.2 update is a labor of love. We have a passion for improving the tools that support our community of enthusiastic light field photographers. We want to make it easier than ever to fine tune and extract the full creative impact from every capture, and help you share your creations with friends, family, fans and clients. Be sure to download Lytro Desktop 4.2 – it’s free and available today.

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