Introducing the Element IMAGE/iPRO Case and Lens System for iPhone 6/6 Plus

ipro-6-exploded-banner unnamed-2

The Schneider Optics iPro Lens Kit has everything you need to immediately enhance the quality of your iPhone photos. In the kit you’ll find the cleverly designed case, molded to firmly but comfortably fit your iPhone 6. The iPro handle can to the case and also serves as a protective case for your lenses. ¼-20” adapters are on both sides of the case for easy tripod mounting. The Tele, Super Wide, and Macro lenses bayonet mount easily onto the case providing options to add width, depth, and details to all your shots.

Lenses range from $39 and up. Cases are $80 and up depending on configuration

Posted by at June 18, 2015
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