REVIEW :: STM Trestle 13″ Backpack for Laptops

by Camille Gibeau, Technology Editor


Rating: 5/5 Highly Recommended

If you own a laptop computer then the odds are that you own a computer laptop backpack or laptop bag. We’re bag freaks. Open the closet and you’ll see history in the making with all sizes and shapes of bags that have been retired. There’s a never ending search for the perfect one.

Enter STM Bags ( located in Australia. Having been an owner of an STM laptop sleeve it only seemed right to get a Trestle backpack. It protects most laptops from 14” down to 11”. The Trestle has pockets, YKK zippers, and protective padding. The fabric is a lightweight soft cotton/polyester/nylon blend. Zippers are high grade and stitching is topnotch. The craftsmanship is amazing.

The Trestle has already made two trips this year. The first was to Germany and the second was to Cuba. Here’s a super comfortable backpack that is durable and expandable as can be. At the same time it’s surprising just how much stuff can go into it. Just to give you an idea from the last trip: MacBook Pro 13” and charger; Olympus DSLR with short zoom lens and lens hood sticking outward; 5 extra camera batteries and charger; Panasonic point-and-shoot along with 2 additional batteries and charger; USB hub; portable hard drive; two porcelain espresso cups; 7 refrigerator magnets; studio microphone; headphones; Moleskin Reporter Notebook; porcelain Cuba taxi figuring; 20 Cuban cigars; 12 USB and Lightning cables; 6 wooden hummingbird figurines; and a small Joby Gorillapod. Everything arrived in great fashion. Not one item was damaged thanks to padding in the proper areas.

Without doubt the STM Trestle is the hands down best laptop backpack we’ve ever used! It retails for $119. The Trestle will be one of the best purchases you could make or receive as a gift! No kidding!

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