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By Gregg Ellman

It looks like a pen, it’s the size of a pen, but it’s way more than a pen. And that’s an understatement after seeing how cool and innovative the InstruMMent 01 is when paired with a smartphone.

After playing with the tool for a little while I kind of got the hang of how to use it as a measuring and dimensioning instrument, with the results processed on my smartphone quicker than I write them down.

The InstruMMent shows a demonstration on how you measure curves for an incredibly accurate measurement of a mouse and have the dimensions relayed to the accompanying app (Android and iOS) instantly. So instantly that’s what I did and say what you want, I thought it was pretty cool.

I could see how designers, architects and other professionals would make this tool a game changer right out of the box.

This all happens because a bunch of sensors built inside take the measurements and relay them wirelessly (Bluetooth) to your smartphone.

It works as a tape measure so builders can use it to calculate length, width or heighth for door space, walls, windows, floors or how much carpet is needed. Or as demonstrated on the website, you can measure a growing child instantly and record the heighth in the app. The uses are really endless for measuring anything flat or 3D.

Setup with the app is simple, just pair it and go. You can view measurements in any unit you want – inches, feet, yards, miles or metric.

The InstruMMent 01 is constructed with an aluminum body and is available in pen, pencil, or stylus versions, all built with internal sensors and Bluetooth. The 6-month battery is include along with an ink cartridge; replacements can be purchased.

Other accessories you can add include leather sleeves, stylus tips and even training wheels, which I certainly could have used. $149 for the dimensioning instrument with a pen, pencil or stylus (choose one)

Statistics supplied to me from Nora, a device designed to combat snoring, highlighted how 40 percent of Americans are affected by snoring, causing many problems in the bedroom and often leading to health problems including strokes and heart attacks.

Full disclosure: I’m a horrible sleeper and my snoring often keeps my wife awake. Over the years I’ve tried mouth guards, medications, nose strips, etc. so I, like other poor sleepers, am willing to try anything.

Something simple like the rechargeable Nora was a pleasant surprise. Without giving any medical advice and keeping this far from official, I thought it worked for me, as did my wife.

The hardware and setup are simple. The Nora device has a built in microphone and looks like a computer mouse. It can sit on your nightstand and works with an expander wirelessly (Bluetooth), which slides into your existing pillow case.

Just tap Nora when you get in bed and Nora detects when you are snoring, then tells the expander to slightly inflate and gently move your head. You don’t even know it’s moving or at least I didn’t. The expander has low/high settings, which expand less or more, depending on what you feel is needed.

The expander is connected to an AC powered pack, which also works on battery power for up to three nights when traveling.

According to the Nora site, “Snoring occurs as a result of the airways in our throats collapsing while our neck muscles relax during sleep.” So the slight movement of your head Nora gives the snorer, will hopefully stimulate the relaxed throat muscles allowing the airway to assume its natural position and decrease or eliminate the snoring.’’

It works for back, side or stomach sleeper;, the only requirement is your head on the pillow. Snoring issues are often (not always) controlled by positioning and the expander did well. You can also set the Nora with a delay, giving you time to fall asleep before it’s activated.

The soon-to-be released iOS Nora app will help over time to record patterns, show you what times during the night snoring was an issue and record results on what’s working and what isn’t. $299 with a 30-day money-back guarantee

The Jabra Elite 25e has the great sound you would from Jabra. I’ve never tried a headset from them that wasn’t impressive.

One thing I’ve found with the influx of neckband wireless earbud systems is that the battery life is really poor. To the rescue comes Jabra with an impressive battery time of up to 18 hours.

Battery life always depends on how much you use it and with the Jabra, I gave it the same everyday use I did with other similar products and the Elite 25e far distanced itself from the competition

I say the bendable neckband is comfortable simple because you don’t know it’s there. The 10mm speakers with Jabra EarGels (thee sets include S/M/L) are connected at each end. From there just make a call or turn up your music.

They have a wind-protected microphone, dust and water resistance and charge with the included USB cable. Controls even allow for one touch access to voice assistants. $79.99

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