New Book Illuminates Candelas, Lumens, and Lux

“Candelas Lumens and Lux” by Owen F Ransen is a brief and light introduction to the concepts and mathematics of illumination. The book is aimed at architects, civil engineers, road engineers, photographers, interior designers, as well as anyone who needs to understand artificial lighting.

Up until now the student has been faced with reading heavy tomes full of formulas with little explanation for beginners, or trying to patch together fragmented information found on the internet. This book bridges the gap between these two extremes.

Candelas Lumens and Lux is designed to be easily understood, and is filled with graphical explanations of the concepts introduced. The diagrams complement the text and the format of the book is a page of text on the left with diagrams and images on the right.

Only simple high school mathematics is required, making the book ideal for people who do not need a deep understanding of the subject, or for people who need an initial introduction.

The book can be used as the basis of a short course on lighting aimed in high schools, technical colleges and universities, as well as inside companies involved in the lighting industry (installers and manufacturers).

Professionals involved in the planning of facilities like sports fields, roads, car parking, and residential lighting will find the book gives them the background information needed for when they are speaking to lighting experts. Lighting catalogs need to be understood by technicians in local governments when choosing street lights and parking areas, and the book has many illustrations and explanations of the terms used in lighting catalogs.

“Candelas Lumens and Lux” is a 146-page soft cover book, and costs $19.99(US).

For more information, or to download a PDF file which contains the first two pages of each chapter, visit


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