”175 Years Photography – Imaging Unlimited“: the Imaging Association bundles 2014 Jubilee activities together under a common logo

• Photography celebrates its 175th birthday in 2014

• Logo symbolizes the medium's infinite variety in all its facets

Invitation to use the logo free-of-charge for Jubilee activities

In 2014 photography celebrates its 175th Jubilee. Numerous companies, associations, media and institutions from the photo and imaging business will with their high-profile activities use the Jubilee as an opportunity to pay tribute to the importance of photography both in their history and currently, but above all in the future. In order to bundle and communicate the Jubilee activities effectively, the Imaging Association as the representative of the photo and imaging business and joint-organizer of photokina has had created in the run-up to the Jubilee year the ”175 Years Photography – Imaging Unlimited“ logo. This will not only highlight the large range of activities centered on the 175 years of photography which are being developed and realized by Prophoto GmbH, the Association's subsidiary company. The logo will also make available free-of-charge a unifying visual element for all the actions and events being organized within the framework of the Jubilee by the companies involved.

With the new logo which has been designed by Professor Wilfried Korfmacher, Düsseldorf, the Imaging Association provides a face in the truest sense of the word for the 175th Jubilee: it is the symbol of infinity (which is not only well and truly known by photographers) here interpreted as two eyes and, together with the slogan ”175 Years Photography – Imaging Unlimited“, it characterizes the unlimited dynamics and the future of the photographic image.

Through its uniform appearance, the logo is intended to make clear that photography has for 175 years been an independent business, which has created an endless stream of technological achievements, but which also stands in the future for an endless number of innovative technologies in an increasingly interconnected world. It is also intended to emphasize that photography forms not only an important component of social networks but is the only language that is internationally understood. “The logo“ says Christoph Thomas, Chairman of the Imaging Association “particularly represents the limitless importance of photography as a key technology for a large number of other businesses and applications and also as an economic factor. It also reflects the independence and the power of the photo and imaging business. The frequent use of the logo not only bundles together numerous Jubilee activities, but also provides the photo and imaging industry with a unified presence.“

Everybody who is planning activities connected with the Jubilee of photography in 2014 and is interested in using the “175 Years Photography – Imaging Unlimited“ logo, can request free-of-charge usage rights from info@photoindustrie-verband.de and so communicate to all parts of the world considerations relating to the Jubilee. PIV

Photoindustrie-Verband e.V. represents the interests of the photo and imaging industry in Germany and worldwide. A non-profit organization, it is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Photoindustrie-Verband defines its role as a service provider, aiming to promote sales in professional and non-professional markets. For this purpose, market data are published regularly. The organisation has about 60 members who account for than 90 percent of the sales in the photo and imaging market in Germany. Photoindustrie-Verband is a co-organizer of photokina – world of imaging – in Cologne. The first photokina was held back in 1950. The 33rd photokina, the world's flagship fair for photography and imaging, will take place from 16 to 21 September 2014 at the Cologne exhibition facilities. Photoindustrie-Verband promotes photography and photokina, focusing on press, radio, television and new media.


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