Zoner Photo Studio Rolls Out Touch Control Functionality For Windows Touchscreen Systems

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Digital Imaging Software Suite Now Permits Finger Strokesto Perform Most Common Operations

SAN FRANCISCO, May 23, 2013— Zoner Inc., developer of Zoner Photo Studio for imagemanagement, retouch and sharing, today rolls out touch control functionality for its softwaresuite version 15 when installed on any of the newer Windows touchscreen systems.

Onscreen touch control brings speed, precision and a far easier way to edit and interact with photofiles. Zoner has incorporated the most common and intuitive motion controls to streamline interactionand operation, including:

  • Finger swipe for smooth scrolling

  • Finger swipe to browse photos in the Viewer

  • Pinch-based zooming

  • Tap motion to access options, functions and files

    “Touch control makes things so much easiercutting down edit time and bringing greater precision,”says Jaroslav Kucek, vice president and managing director. “Retouching a photo can now be donevia touch on the monitor, as opposed to a keyboard and mouse. Doing more complex operations,such as Align Horizon, Paintbrush and even the Healing Brush, are now a snap.”

    The touch control update applies to version 15. Users who currently have version 15 and migrate to atouch screen system will be automatically updated.

    About Zoner, Inc.

    Zoner, Inc. develops and markets Zoner Photo Studio (ZPS), a Windowsbased suite of digital imaging toolsthat streamlines the viewing, managing, retouching and sharing of photos. Lauded for its superior performanceby editors from CNET, Chip Online and Softonic, ZPS is used by more than 5 million people worldwide,including photographers, businesse and nonprofits. The company also operates, a globalphotography education community, plus Zoner Publishing and an Internet services division. Founded in theCzech Republic in 1993, Zoner corporate offices are located in Brno, San Francisco and Tokyo. Download afree trial version of Zoner Photo Studio and learn more at

Zoner Photo Studio is a comprehensive software suite that streamlines image file
management through the important steps of a digital photo’s life
from download, to naming andorganization, retouch and even sharing on social networks.

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