Vivid-Pix and Aggressor Fleet & Dancer Fleet working to improve divers underwater pictures

Atlanta, GA – Vivid-Pix, the provider of revolutionary underwater photography improvement software, has teamed up with Aggressor and Dancer Fleet, the world’s largest SCUBA Live-aboard operator, to offer onboard image-enhancement. Weekly guests can enhance their underwater photos with Picture-Fix software on the yacht computers and/or receive free trial software to load on personal computers.

“Underwater photographers will enjoy greater success when sharing their best photos with family and friends as Vivid-Pix makes it easy to obtain the best results in the editing process,” says Wayne Hasson, president, Aggressor and Dancer Fleet. “That’s why we decided to work with Vivid-Pix.”

“The Aggressor staff does a great job helping all levels of picture-taking divers take better pictures. With just a few seconds bringing pictures through the software, divers quickly and easily get the results they’re looking for,” explains Rick Voight, principal-marketing, Vivid-Pix.

Picture-Fix is available for Windows and Mac operating systems. Utilizing patent-pending technology, Vivid-Pix provides photographers easy-to-use software to “auto-magically” improve underwater pictures. Intuitive visual cues let divers pick the most pleasing picture, while also providing tools for further adjustment.

To see Vivid-Pix – Picture-Fix in action, go to or visit us at DEMA Booth 2109.

For more info on the Aggressor and Dancer Fleet, visit


Vivid-Pix is a partnership between Randy Fredlund, principal-technology, and Rick Voight, principal-marketing, to design simple-to-use tools for enhancing underwater digital photos.

Fredlund has more than 100 digital-imaging patents and has extensive experience in Research, Development and Commercialization enabling him to translate theory into practice.

Voight created billion-dollar businesses through consumer and business research, product development, sales and marketing for Eastman Kodak Co. and HP Co.

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