ArcSoft Brings Facial Recognition to Home Surveillance with simplicam™ powered byCloseli™

Keep an eye on what’s going on at home with a new camera and software solution

LAS VEGAS, NV, January 7, 2014ArcSoft, the global leader of image-intelligent technologies, today announced the launch of simplicam powered by Closeli, a home surveillance camera with powerful software that lets users easily record, view, and edit live videodirectly from their smartphone or web browser. Hitting the market in February, it will be the onlysolution offering both facialtracking features, recognizing if someone is home, and facial recognition to identify exactly who is there.

simplicam powered by Closeliis designed for people who value connectedness and peace of mind. Its technology will help consumers including parents, pet owners, caretakers andhomeowners keep an eye on who and what they care about while they’re away from home.

We are thrilled to introduce another image-intelligent technology that will drive the visual future,” said ArcSoft’s Director of Product Marketing, Caroline Tien-Spalding. “simplicampowered by Closeli is an intuitive and convenient way to feel closer to the things we love, simply by viewing streaming video using a Mac, PC or smartphone app. Coupled with advanced facialtracking and recognition technology, this solution from ArcSoft will set a new standard in the connected home experience.

ArcSoft’s Closeli software powers every simplicam, providing free live viewing and motion/sound alerts from a smartphone or web browser. For users that want advanced features, Closeli is the only software service that offers recording plans as short as one day long, so users can have the luxury of home surveillance without the expense of a long-term recording plan. In addition to supporting simplicam, Closeli is also available as a service compatible with other camera hardware solution providers through ArcSoft’s OEM partner network. For more information, please visit


Simple setup: Use a USB cable (included) to set up the camera on a PC or Mac or use thefree Closeli app (Android and iOS) to activate the camera via Wi-Fi network from your smartphone – both processes take under 60 seconds

Mounting Options: Every simplicam comes with a 10-foot power cord and a wall mount, making it easy to position on a bookshelf, entertainment center or in the top corner of a room

Watch anywhere: From an iPhone, iPad, Android, tablet or computer via Closeli’s mobile apps or Plus 720p HD video quality on the go.

Smart & secure: Customize the user experience based on preferences and lifestyle.

Schedule on/off time so the camera records according to your schedule.

Use location aware on/off, when you leave the house, it turns on – when you’re back, it turns off

Remotely turn on/off from anywhere

Video is always SSL encrypted

Motion & sound detection: Receive alerts on a smartphone or computer if unexpected movement is detected or noise is heard. Notifications can also be programmed to go off when someone enters the room. If the camera goes offline, Closeli will also send an alert.

Closeli Recording Services

Get enhanced features by upgrading to one of Closeli’s cloud-based recording plans. Top features include:

Ability to continuously record footage in the cloud

Easily edit interesting video (pets being cute!) and share clips straight from a smartphone via email or social media

Facial tracking feature will alert users when someone is home

Facial recognition feature (coming in mid-2014) will alert users exactly who is home based on previously set-up profiles on each member of the household

Closeli Recording Plans:

1 day recording $49/year or $5/month

11 day recording $139/year or $14/month

21 day recording $229/year or $23/month

Retail Availability

Simplicam powered by Closeli will be available for purchase in February 2014 for $149.99 on and For more information, please visit orstop by the ArcSoft booth at CES 2014, located in South Hall 2, Meeting Place 25544.

About ArcSoft

ArcSoft is a global leader in image-intelligent technologies that are driving the visual future. We make embedded software that transcends the physical limitations of hardware devices to help people create amazing digital photos, videos and other visual experiences on many of the world’s most popular mobile phones, tablets, and cameras.

ArcSoft technologies also power a range of incredible applications spanning facial and object recognition, image search and studio-quality image enhancement, including Perfect365, the world’s favorite one-touch makeover app, with more than 20 million downloads.

Our corporate customers and partners include many of the world’s leading OEMs and chip manufacturers, including companies like Samsung, LG, Nokia, Nikon, Olympus, Sony and Qualcomm. ArcSoft software is in more than a billion of the most popular mobile phones, cameras, tablets, and other devices, and in many of the chips that power them.

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