New Leak Insure™ GoStrips™ – Absorbent strips for GoPro® Cameras.

Like all underwater cameras, GoPro® housings are susceptible to leaks and fogging. GoPro have a solution to reduce fogging but until now GoPro® cameras had no protection against minor leaks. Leak Insure have announced the addition of a new absorbent strip for GoPro®and similar small video and stills cameras to their range of products.

The current range of absorbent sachets from Leak Insure are too big to fit in the small spaces between the GoPro® camera and its housing. This prompted Leak Insure, the world leader in absorbents for underwater cameras, to develop a new type of absorbent specifically designed for use in GoPro® and other similar micro cameras.

Leak Insure GoStrips are a laminate of soft paper and a super absorbent. Each GoStrip is 42 x 30 x 0.5mm and has been designed to hold up to 15ml of water.

GoStrips will absorb water if the camera housing develops a minor leak and will help to reduce condensation from within the camera housing.

Leak Insure products are available in a range of 4 sizes of sachet as well as the new GoStrips and will fit all sizes of camera from GoPro to DSLR’s and video cameras. All Leak Insure products are available globally, online or through a network of resellers and distributors.

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