Epson Starts Volume Production of 0.38-inch SVGA Ultimicron Panel for Electronic Viewfinders

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Ultimicron electronic viewfinder panel

TOKYO, Japan, January 29, 2014

Seiko Epson Corporation (TSE: 6724, “Epson”) today announced that it has begun volume production of its latest Ultimicron panel. These high-temperature polysilicon (HTPS) TFT color panels bring to life the electronic viewfinders used in mirrorless- and premium compact cameras. Measuring just 0.38 of an inch diagonally, the fourth product in the Ultimicron series offers SVGA (800 x 600) resolution in red, green and blue for a total of 1.44 megadots.

Epson's Ultimicron series comprises ultra-compact color displays with supreme definition and vividness. The lineup offers the following advantages:

  • Smooth gradations and reproduction of natural softness
    Contributes to camera users' enjoyment of looking through the viewfinder when taking a shot and the ease of bringing the camera into focus
  • Sufficient visibility under various light conditions
    Allows sufficient visibility in both strong sunshine and dark conditions
  • No color breakup
    Uses a color filter, which means that the color breakup that can occur when fast moving images are shot using a field sequential system cannot occur
  • Compact and slim design for cameras with a built-in viewfinder
    The new 0.38-inch panel offers smaller size yet the same resolution in relation to the existing L3F04S-80300 0.47-inch SVGA panel. This compact, high-resolution panel contributes to the compact specifications required by manufacturers of cameras with built-in viewfinders.

“Epson will continue to refine original technologies like Ultimicron,” said Nobuyuki Shimotome, deputy chief operating officer of visual products at Epson. “Our aim is to fully satisfy the exacting demands of both camera users and manufacturers.”

The latest Ultimicron product will be exhibited at Epson's booth at the CP+ 2014 camera and photo imaging show in Yokohama, Japan, from February 13 to 16.

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