Sigma Announces new Quattro Digital cameras with Foveon Sensor

Sigma Corporation of Japan announced a new line of compact cameras featuring a brand new Foveon sensor this morning.

· New dp Quattro compact camera series featuring the dp1, dp2 and dp3 Quattro trilogy (note that Sigma is now referring to the cameras using a lowercase “dp”)

· The dp2 Quattro will be the first camera released as part of this series, though pricing and availability have not yet been announced

· New line of cameras will feature a redesigned Foveon APS-c sensor referred to as the “Quattro” because it’s top layer is now broken into quadrants

· These cameras will produce 30% higher resolution than DP Merrill cameras and they contain a faster, TRUE III processor

· Features a 30MP Foveon sensor with resolution matching a 39MP Bayer sensor

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