TrackR’s Community Based GPS Network is Now Active – TrackR’s Network Helps Users Find Items and Announces $100,000 Giveaway in StickR TrackR devices



StickR TrackR can be attached onto or stuck to any item including keys, remotes, bikes, luggage, etc. and works with the corresponding TrackR app, available for both iOS and Android. The device and the app communicate using Bluetooth Low Energy to help users locate their devices using their phone, or visa versa.


StickR TrackR will be the first device to tap into Phone Halo’s Crowd Source Tracking Network. With the network, anyone who has the TrackR app running on their phone will be able to help fellow users find their lost items, enabling users to receive location updates of where their lost items are, even when miles away – bringing the technology of Waze to everyday items.

“StickR TrackR is the fourth product in our portfolio, and the first device we’ve developed to work with our now active Crowd Source Tracking network,” said Chris Herbert, CEO of TrackR. “The sharing economy has disrupted and brought new business models to industries ranging from lodging, transportation and more. By bringing this sharing model to lost items, we have dramatically reduced the cost of GPS tracking of everyday items enabling the technology to hit the mainstream market.”


How Crowd Source Tracking Works:

This technology allows users to find their items after they have been misplaced or left behind. If you lose your keys, the attached StickR TrackR will begin emitting a unique ID to alert the entire TrackR community to being searching for your lost item. If another TrackR user is within range of the lost keys, their app will automatically and anonymously detect the ID, update our server, which will then send you the updated GPS coordinates.

To help develop the TrackR network, which works more efficiently with more users, TrackR is today announcing a $100,000 giveaway of StickR TrackR devices to help kickstart the network. For details, please visit


About StickR TrackR

  • Sticks to Anything – the device can be attached to keys, bikes, stuck to remotes or put into luggage.
  • Two-Way Find – one button tap on your StickR TrackR will signal your phone to ring, even if on silent and one button tap on your TrackR app will signal your items to beep for easy discovery.
  • Two-Way Separation Alert – if you are about to leave your keys behind, your phone will send you a push notification to remind you. Visa -versa, if you are about to leave your phone behind, StickR TrackR rings to notify you.
  • Crowd Source Tracking – enables users to locate items after they have been lost.

About TrackR

TrackR, formerly known as Phone Halo, is the leader in proximity location technology and aims to help people manage the location of any and all of their belongings. TrackR works with companies like Verizon Wireless, Orange, Audiovox and Cobra to continue to innovate and incorporate their technology into new products while creating a simple yet elegant solution for users worldwide. TrackR is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA. For more information, please visit

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