MegaVision Brings Dr. Livingstone’s Diaries Back to Life in PBS Special

“Dr. Livingstone, I presume”: During the 6 years preceding 10 November1871 and Henry Morton Stanley's famous greeting, David Livingstone had run out of paper and run out of ink.

Being a resourceful chap and avid diarist, he continued writing his diary on old newspapers (The Edinburgh Standard) he had brought with him to Africa from Scotland. He wrote with ink squeezed from berries he
found growing in the jungle.

Not quite 2 years after his famous meeting with Stanley, Livingstone died and these field diaries were squirreled away in his childhood home in Blantyre, just a stone's throw from Glasgow and a short drive from
Edinburgh. For some 140 years, they faded in peace.

Next Wednesday, 26 March (check for local times
PBS is airing in the USA a National Geographic special on the rediscovery of the diaries and the technology employed that brought them back to life. And, MegaVision was a part of this fascinating project.

The movie should answer all your questions (about the technology!),

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