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Bob Shell’s New Book :: Cosmic Dance / Photographer Publishes Book from Prison

Tweet Robert “Bob” Shell is a name well known to those of us who have been in the photographic industry. Bob was, in fact, the former editor for Shutterbug magazine, until around 2003. Unfortunately, Bob was convicted of involuntary manslaughter... Read more

Gadgets :: April 24, 2019

Tweet by Gregg Ellman (@greggellman) The LumiCharge II is coming to a desk near you,  After a successful crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, the multifunctional LED desk lamp charging station has launched and is available for purchase with a June... Read more

“Photographer” Made the List in “25 Worst Jobs”

Tweet Ouch! If you want to be a photographer…well, according to this article it may not be your best job choice. Smartphones are one of the reasons. Read More… (Source: USA Today) Read more

What was Leica Thinking? Tales of

Tweet Leica releases a promotional video that covers the disturbance at Tiananmen Square in China circa 1989. The backlash has begun. So, what was Leica thinking when it comes to the company’s partnership with Huawei who integrates the German... Read more

Gadgets :: April 17, 2019

Tweet by Gregg Ellman (@greggellman) When I attend the Consumer Electronics Show every January, I try out an endless number of products scheduled to be released in the coming year. Note, when I say scheduled; sometimes they hit the... Read more

Scans of Notre Dame Can Help Rebuild Historical Structure

Tweet Scans by the late Andrew Tallon are the key to rebuilding Notre Dame after being extensively damaged by fire. (Read More…) Source: The Atlantic Read more

The thermal ultra-compact and lightweight drone solution from Parrot. The ANAFI THERMAL dedicated to all professionals!

Tweet Parrot, the leading European drone group, has announced ANAFI Thermal: the all-in-one, drone-based solution that provides easy to use, sophisticated and high-quality thermography (drone + sensor + software), with proven reliability and outstanding performance. Parrot has evolved its... Read more

Meet Katie Bouman :: Team Leader Who Made the Black Hole Image Possible

Tweet Over 200 scientists made the Black Hole image a reality. But, Katie Bouman lead the way. Read More… (Source: Futurism) Read more

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