ImageBrief Sells Photo for $30k

ImageBrief for photographers has set a new record for the highest single image sale since the platform launched. Photographer Flavio Veloso sold a stunning shot of Rio de Janeiro for $30,000. The client was looking for aerial photographs of some of the world’s most iconic cityscapes for a multinational ad campaign. Flavio delivered this image that captured the edge of the jungle that surrounds the city, with the buildings falling away below, the beaches and ocean shimmering in the distance underneath a sunburnt sky. It’s a view of Rio we’re not conditioned to see, and that made it all the more special. A combination of the large format, rights, exclusivity and the fact the image had never been sold before, meant that the image wound up selling for more than 3 times higher than the original budget of $10,000.



Posted by at August 7, 2014
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