Gadgets :: August 21, 2019

by Gregg Ellman

Anker’s Soundcore Wakey is a perfect all-In-one bedside companion with an attractive Apple-esque look.

The nightstand speaker/alarm clock has a built-in Qi charging system, which worked perfect with my iPhone XS. The cable-free charging is done with a top side pad, so all you do is place your Qi-compatible device on it for charging. 

Anker’s website rates it as a 7.5W charge for iPhones XR, XS Max, XS, X, and 8 Plus and 10W for Samsung S10, S10+, S9, S9+, S8, S8+, and Note 9.

Right behind the front-sided, light gray-colored cloth grill is an LED display for the time, which has five brightness levels you can select from the Soundcore app. Setting the time is easy, just connect your phone to the Soundcore app and the Wakey syncs the time. A backup battery stores the time in the event of lost power.

The Wakey gives you choices of 10 custom alarm tones, and you can set your own in the app. Bluetooth is built-in and there’s also a pair of USB ports to plug in your own charging cables for non-wireless charging devices.

It’s packed with other features including an FM radio and room for 10 FM preset stations, white noise mode for a better sleeping environment and an Aux-in port for connecting a separate device for playing. And yes, there is the ever-popular and critically important snooze button.

The sound comes from dual front-facing 5W drivers, which deliver the music at moderate volume levels in a clear, crisp sound.

The Wakey can also be used to help fall asleep with the app, which allows you to create a sleep-themed mix of up to 10 ambient noises and have them play as long as you want or just have them turn off once you shut your eyes for the night.

Using the preloaded white noise mode has choices to fall asleep to birds, rain, waves and other relaxing sounds.

One feature the Wakey doesn’t have, which I’m trilled with, is a connection to a voice assistant. Voice assistant’s are great for many things, but keeping them out of bedside alarm clocks is also great thing. 

A DC power supply is included. $99.99 available in white

Awair has launched the Glow C air quality monitor, which also functions as a smart plug.

It plugs into a standard electric outlet and has a pass through outlet and tracks chemicals, humidity and temperature along with how they change over time, which could cause sickness. Knowing this information can help you determine symptoms and help determine what steps to change in order to get some relief.

According to a press release announcing the Glow C, Awair, ‘’Poor air quality conditions can affect the body in a variety of ways. Exposure to high levels of chemicals (VOCs) has been known to cause respiratory and skin irritation and allergy-like symptoms. Abnormal humidity levels can cause dehydration, chronic skin and throat irritation, and can lead to dermatitis and eczema flare-ups. Studies have also shown that significant changes in temperature can decrease productivity, impair cognitive function, and aggravate asthma.”

With the smart plug feature, non-smart devices can be connected to the Glow C, such as a humidifier or purifier, which will turn on in reaction to the indoor air quality.

The Awair companion app controls the settings, which include telling it to turn on a fan plugged into the Glow C if the room temperature is to high. Other customize settings within the app can be triggered based on the air quality criteria and what you want it to be. The app offers tips on how to improve the air quality with the supplied readings.

The Glow C also features an LED light color, hue, and motion settings of their device to transform it into a customized smart night light with choices of hundreds of colors.  Glow C is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Next and IFTTT. $79

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