Gadgets & DooDads :: 2015 November 15

By Gregg Ellman (#greggellman) and Elmo Sapwater (#imaginginsider)

To some, key rings are a fashion statement. To others (like me), they are a necessity only used simply to start the car or open the house.

The ObrbitKey is a gadget that kind of combines both, helping you carry your keys in a somewhat fashionable manner while giving you quick and easy access.

When your keys are securely attached to the carrier with the custom-designed locking mechanism, they are secure, hidden and quiet.

The ObrbitKey is available in leather or rubber versions and are able to hold up to seven keys, depending on the thickness.

If you only have a key or two in your life, a bottle opener ($7.50 ) and an 8 or 32GB USB flash drive ($19.95/$34.95) can be purchased and added just like keys. With the system, they can easily be added or removed as needed.

The system has a D-Ring attachment for carrying larger car keys and it also keeps your keys quiet from that annoying rattling key sound. $29.95 for the Elastomer or $39.95 for the leather, extra bands of each in a variety of colors can be purchased

If you give the Amped Wireless high power AC1750 WiFi router a try, you’ll find it works so well to extend your WiFi signal throughout your house, with an easy setup, that you’ll be the neighborhood expert on home router setups.

A great feature, which got my attention, is the touchscreen. I don’t know if it’s the first of its kind, but it’s the first I’ve seen. And I’m well aware that the tech world today just loves touch-screens.

The 4-inch front-facing screen takes you through all the setup steps. No one really reads instructions and in this case you really don’t have to.

Just plug in an ethernet cable from you’re existing modem and then run the setup wizard on the router’s LCD takes your signal and amplifies it to help with dead spots in your house.

Dead spots can be causes by doors, walls or distance. Everything can’t be a 100-percent signal but the TAP R3 definitely increased my coverage.

You can have up to eight different networks and access can be restricted to specific users.

Inside the unit are 12 advanced amplifiers, two high gain antennas and a Qualcomm processor. Just remember that line when you really want to impress your friends and neighbors.

Specific speeds are 2.4GHz 450Mbps, 5GHz 1300Mbps making it great for home surfing, downloading, gaming or watching HD video.

Obviously to hook up the router it has to be assumed you have a high-speed Internet line run into your house. $199.99

One of my personal favorite MacBook accessories just got better.

Twelve South has redesigned the BookArc for MacBook (Apple for those who didn’t know) to work with the latest and greatest versions of those laptops.

Many people use the laptops for on-the-go work, but when you pair it with the BookArc it becomes an outstanding desktop unit. All you do is slide the MacBook into the holder to keep it standing vertically, while also giving you valuable real estate on your actual desktop.

The accessory lets you have access to all the ports on the sides of the laptop, enabling any accessory, power supply, external keyboard and most importantly an external monitor connected.

A silicone insert for each specific laptop holds it in place and keeps it scratch free. A cable-catch feature keeps all cables in place and clutter free. $49.95

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