Mobile companies keep on upgrading their devices once in a while, and it is a huge temptation to replace your smartphone with a new one. However, given the number of new smartphone models that are being introduced continuously, one cannot possibly keep on replacing smartphones all the time; it is costly as well. The fact that many people love their smartphones and are unwilling to replace them no matter what happens – until and unless the smartphone undergoes a functional flaw – is because the data that is present in the smartphones is extremely important and it certainly is an arduous task to move your contacts, images, videos, apps and all the other things to a new mobile.

Furthermore, we appreciate things most to which we are accustomed – there can be few exceptions here, like that person who wants to explore the latest features of each and every mobile and which is the prime incentive for him to keep on changing his smartphones. But, if we have a look on the majority of people, they would prefer that they keep on using the same mobile. It follows that if we want the same mobile and we want to extend its lifetime, we will have to take certain precautions because keeping your smartphone safe is synonymous with keeping your precious data safe.


The screen of your mobile is the most important and the most sensitive thing that requires extra care. If it’s broken or cracked, your mobile is of no use anymore. As the broken screen is damage in itself, it can also cause further damages. Instead of replacing the screen of your smartphone once it’s broken – which will cost you almost $100 – you can take precautions in advance so that no such thing will happen.

The best way is to protect the screen of your mobile with a glass protector. The glass screen protectors are not very costly, but in terms of reliability, they are highly reliable. These glass protectors are of no use once the screen is broken, then you will be left with the only option of repairing it. If you are looking for a glass protector for your smartphone or a very reliable cover, you can explore these and many other phone related products on Groupon.


The rest of your smartphone might not be as sensitive as the screen, but it still needs some protection. For instance, if your smartphone falls on the ground, maximum chances are that it will stop working because of the shock and damage. Once the screen of your mobile is protected, you can buy a cover that will protect your mobile from damages.

It must also be mentioned that using a smartphone cover is only a precautionary measure, and it doesn’t ensure the safety of your mobile one hundred percent. However, if you choose the mobile cover that is very sturdy, the chances are that there will be minimum damage to your smartphone in case an accident happens.


Many companies keep on recommending that you keep the software on your smartphone up to date, and yes, it is true because in the latest updates most of the performance issues are solved. However, if you are updating a mobile which is two or three generations older, instead of high performance, its performance will reduce significantly. This is why Apple Company no longer supports the models below 4S for updates.

The performance inadequacy while updating your past generation mobile happens primarily because of the hardware incompatibility. As the specifications of new models are higher, they can run updates pretty easily.


Many of us do not turn our smartphones off for months, and it can cause some performance issues. For instance, no one would like his laptop to be running continuously for days without any resting interval in between, and same is the case with mobile phones. The amount of a vast number of applications installed on our smartphones and our continuous use of these applications make smartphones run slowly. Thus if you want your smartphone to be running smoothly, you can turn it off once in a while. In fact, it is better if you make an automatic schedule which will restart you mobile after a set period of time.


There are many myths regarding how to charge mobile and when. One common among them is that you shouldn’t charge mobile until its battery is fully down. This is not only a myth, but it also reduces the functioning of the battery in the longer run. The best way you can use to charge your mobile is that you should put it on charging when its battery is 75%, contrary to what is commonly believed that you should wait until the battery gets down to 25%. Some people also believe that instead of charging your mobile consecutively for three hours, you should charge it in different intervals.


There are many apps available that will help you to do proper exercise, but here is a strong reason not to use those apps. Many users have claimed that as during the exercise, they were keeping the mobile in the pocket or the mobile was attached to their arm, and due to the sweat, the mobile, unfortunately, faced water damage issues.

You must also keep in mind that many companies – including Apple – do not cover any such issue like damage via moisture, and it is also mentioned in their warranty program. If you have a costly smartphone like Apple, this issue is worth considering.


There is nothing harmful to your mobiles than malware and viruses. The main ways for viruses to enter your mobile phone are applications and connectivity with the other mobiles that are already infected. The best measure to avoid this type of damage in your mobile is by using an anti-virus program. It is still better if you take some other precautions like you shouldn’t install applications from unreliable sources. Also, make sure if you are connecting your mobile with any other mobile that the other mobile doesn’t contain any viruses or malware.


Your smartphone has a limited storage capacity, and if you fill it all, it is possible that your smartphone will start lagging and won’t function effectively. In order to avoid this problem, you should make sure that you have some empty space in your mobile and not the entire storage is filled. For this purpose, you can save some of your data elsewhere, or better yet, you can store it in the cloud.

The storage of data on the cloud will not only increase the functioning efficiency of your mobile, but it will also keep your data secure in case something bad happens.


You mobile might be filled with too much junk files, unnecessary apps, and duplicate files, and it is to the best of your interests that you remove all these things from your mobile. If all these junk files are present in your mobile, it will reduce the RAM efficiency of your smartphone. If you want to make your phone very responsive, then you should get rid of all these things.

This post is written by Lisa Myers. She works at Coupon Goo as a software engineer.

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