Gadgets :: March 22, 2017

By Gregg Ellman

greg2You’ll really appreciate a good night’s sleep after using the Sound+Sleep Suite from Adaptive Sound Technologies.

The audio sleep device provides the right amount of ambient noise with natural sounds for the perfect shut eye environment. Technology called Adaptive Sound, which uses a built-in microphone that allows the volume to adjust to ambient noise is a key feature.

For the most part it looks like a standard nightstand clock radio without the clock features. It uses AC power to broadcast sound from a smooth-sounding 3-inch high fidelity speaker on the top. You can have the sound play all night or a timer shuts it off in half hour increments up to 2 hours.

Sound is broadcast in 10 unique, non-looping programs, each with richness levels for 30 layers of sound.

On the back is a line-in (3.5 mm) port to connect an audio device to play through the system and a line out port for headphone or external speakers.

The Sound+Sleep measures 7.5-by-5.5-by-4.5-inches, weighs 2.6 pounds and is available with a black finish. $99.95

gregg1I never thought I’d be talking about my teeth brushing habits in this space, so here are my details. I brush regularly, several times a day with an electric toothbrush. The habit was drilled in my head growing up with a mother who worked as a dental hygienist.

These days I maintain the child habit but I have to admit changing the worn out brush head doesn’t happen as often as it should. That’s just one reason why the Goby electric toothbrush caught my attention.

The toothbrush was launched late last year and claims to be first ever direct-to-consumer rechargeable electric toothbrush.

In addition to working perfectly as my regular toothbrush, an inexpensive subscription service keeps my brush head fresh and clean.

For a one-time charge of $65, you’ll get the electric toothbrush, base/charger and one brush. You then choose a brush head subscription to receive a new brush head every 1,2, or 3 months for $6 each.

As for the brush, it works great and has a cool timer feature where for 2 minutes the brush does its thing, ensuring I don’t cut any corners in my mouth.

The brush is charged in a small freestanding base and has a USB attachment, enabling it to be cord free when you’re not charging. Goby recommends charging it twice a month.

There’s a replacement brush head indicator on the brush for alerting you when it’s time to change, a button to toggle between sensitive and standard modes. It should last 28 uses, 2 minutes each use before a charge is needed.

The system comes with a 60-day trial and a two-year warranty. available in goby blue, midnight blue, magenta and orange

greg3Don’t drop your phone and especially in water. Well, the fact is we all drop our phone and sometimes it survives and other times it doesn’t, especially when it takes the wet plunge.

Pelican Products, a company that develops what I call indestructible products for military and emergency personal, has the Marine case to protect your smartphone on land or sea.

Just put your iPhone in the case, which is built with five-layer protection constructed of impact-absorbing materials and a rigid polycarbonate shell. This includes a waterproof IP68 rating, which allows it to be submerged underwater for 30 minutes up to a depth of 4.92 feet. The case also blocks dust, dirt or anything else from the outside.

Cases like this in the past have been big and bulky and I was happy to see the marine doesn’t really give your phone a bigger profile with it’s 5.98-by-3.09-by-0.48-inch size.

I tested it with an Apple iPhone 7 and loved it. I’m a front pocket carrying person and I had no problem adjusting with the protective case on.

I’ve been a big fan of no headphone port so that wasn’t an issue for me since the iPhone 7 doesn’t have one and works Bluetooth only. You can connect a headphone port to the Lighting charing port, but obviously when that is in use the case is not giving you full protection. $69.99, available in clear, teal and black

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