Taxi Driver Turned Photographer Shares New York Moment

Here's a video profiling taxi-driver-turned-acclaimed-photographer David Bradford, who constantly carries a camera with him as he shuttles passengers from location to location in NYC.

He may be a cab driver now, but David Bradford — a noted New York-based photographer — has a long history of artistic endeavors. He moved to New York City in 1978 after graduating with a degree in illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design and became an art director for Saks Fifth Avenue, a position he held for a decade. After leaving Saks, Bradford became a freelance illustrator and designer. He started his taxi-cab driving career in 1990 so he could have more freedom to take on independent projects. Bradford has since release 2 volumes of this photographic works, selling out 50,000 copies of his first book, Drive-By Shootings, within three months. Bradford continues to capture images of the city, most recently in the form of 15-second movies he shoots from the front seat of his cab with his cell phone’s video camera.

The video is part of a new series from called “New York Moments” chronicling what New Yorkers love about the city. The “New York moments” series was created as a way to share the passion and love that every New Yorker feels about living and working in New York. The series will have a total of 15 videos, including Kevin and Michael Bacon’s New York Moment.

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Posted by at August 13, 2013
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