Tagaboom Transforms Mobile Photos into Shared Conversations

Cloud Platform Promises to Annotate Any Kind of Media

iOS App Debuts with Campaign to Advocate for Charitable Causes

AUSTIN, TX – Tagaboom has debuted in the iTunes App Store as the first application to create photo conversations by combining photos with instantly shared speech, text, sketch, and effects among friends. Shared photo conversations are instantly updated in the app and on the web creating the first mobile, cloud-based platform for rich annotation of images.

“We have an incredible media annotation cloud that will power a suite of capabilities in Tagaboom for iOS,” said Marty Seyer, CEO & co-founder of Tagaboom. “You can create photo conversations today and, in the near future, you will be able to share, real time conversations for documents and more.”

The power of Tagaboom is a cloud service that stores photos and annotations online, instantly broadcasting conversation updates to any connected device. Tagaboom for iOS is native on the iPhone, iPad, and all photos, plus their associated conversations are also available on the web. “We can now share real time interactions and play back entire mixed media conversations composed of audio, sketches, and effects on any connected platform,” said Steven McDowell, CTO and co-founder of Tagaboom. “Tagaboom is an engine to annotate all media with all media.”

Tagaboom helps anyone create a rich memory of a moment with contributions from friends. Tagaboom’s annotation capabilities create interactions and memories well beyond what we see in today’s social media and photo sharing applications. Users can easily organize photo conversations into albums shared publicly or privately. Applications of photo conversations include capturing life events, sharing memories, selling items online, making work decisions, and much more.

“Users are going to have a blast creating interactive conversations on their iPad, iPhone, on the web, and soon on Android” said Simon Solotko, CMO of Tagaboom. “The Tagaboom community will pioneer personal expression powered by rich, media-driven conversations.”

Tagaboom will debut TagaCause in the coming days, a drive for charitable causes which uses photo conversations to spread the word. Users create photo conversations and share them online for a chance to win prizes and donations to their favorite charity while creating awareness for their cause. Friends can interact, donate, and spread the word instantly. To learn how to promote your favorite cause with Tagaboom, go to www.tagaboom.com online.

The Tagaboom cloud is being employed for annotation in business applications. Tagaboom will soon offer other media types for real time annotation and conversations with friends and co-workers. For more information, download Tagaboom for iOS or visit www.tagaboom.com online.


Tagaboom Online www.tagaboom.com

Tagaboom for iOS https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tagaboom/id664904776


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