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COPYTRACK Protects Against International Image Theft
Press Release:

September 18, 2018, Berlin, Germany – COPYTRACK, leading worldwide image copyright enforcer, and The WENN Media Group (WMG), international news content provider, announced today that they have entered into a long term exclusive arrangement for COPYTRACK to represent WMG’s global post licensing infringement rights worldwide.

COPYTRACK’S Proprietary “Reverse Image Search Engine Technology” Has 98% Accuracy of Finding Image Duplicates on the Internet

COPYTRACK monitors the international online use of images with worldwide licensing and rights enforcement. The COPYTRACK service is offered to photographers, publishers, news and photo agencies, and e-commerce providers, enabling them to find and enforce international image theft on the Internet without the use of expensive lawyers. The service is free, with COPYTRACK paid a portion of the fees only when and if collected. Following a strict “No win, no fee” policy, the whole process is completely risk-free for customers. COPYTRACK tracks images with its proprietary “Reverse Image Search Engine Technology,” which has a 98% accuracy of finding image duplicates on the Internet.

WMG Chairman and acting CEO Lloyd Beiny said, “We are delighted to pledge our 30 year old photo archive, which encompasses over 10 million images, to COPYTRACK, whose record of ensuring copyright owners are compensated for infringements of their IP is most impressive and, in my opinion, the very best service in the business. As the online digital world matures, the number of infringement incidents has increased exponentially. Photo assets owners need to demonstrably take a stand to curb this unlawful practice and ensure photographers and their agents are properly remunerated from those whose intent is to devalue our copyrights.”

Marcus Schmitt, CEO of COPYTRACK, said “We are happy to have Lloyd and the WMG team on board. With its long history and huge portfolio of images, WMG is a well-recognized and highly professional player in the image market. We are looking forward to a successful cooperation.”

For more information, see the website, Facebook:, and Twitter:


COPYTRACK protects the image rights and handles licensing for photographers, publishers, news and photo agencies, and e-commerce providers online worldwide. The company provides a start-to-finish service that guides customers through the complicated world of image theft online without the need of expensive lawyers. COPYTRACK tracks images with its proprietary COPYTRACK “Reverse Image Search Engine Technology.” Customers simply mark images as used without a valid license and then can determine the fees or allow COPYTRACK to determine fees by an automatic license calculator. COPYTRACK takes care of image copyright enforcement, with successful cases in more than 90 countries.

Founded in 2015 by Marcus Schmitt, CEO, and based in Berlin, Germany, COPYTRACK has more than 35 international employees that constantly monitor the online use of digital images. For more information, see the website, Facebook:, and Twitter:

About The WENN Media Group (WMG)

For almost 30 years, The WENN Media Group (WMG) has been at the forefront of providing the world’s media with up-to-the-minute entertainment news content. WMG is a unique, independent, global news organization headquartered in London, with production based in Los Angeles, New York, and Berlin. WMG’s entertainment content is relied upon by newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, websites, blogs, telecoms, national and international news for the very latest round-the-clock celebrity news, photos, and video content. For more information, see

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