Gadgets :: January 30, 2019

by Gregg Ellman

Can you really get excited about a battery?  Isn’t a battery just a battery? Well, sort of, but not really.

The Moshi Porto Q 5K with proprietary Q-coil wireless charging module is what I want in a portable charging battery. A standard USB port, Qi wireless charging for my iPhone XS (or any other Qi-certified wireless charging device), lots of portable power and light-weight.

Qi-certified charging is a big draw and the Porto Q doesn’t disappoint with the wireless feature supporting up to 5 W. There’s a little non-intrusive button on the side to turn the battery on; then just place your phone on the pad and it charges away. 

A big question about wireless charging is: can it charge a smartphone while it’s housed in a case? I’m a case user and I’ve never had a problem. Moshi states that the Porto Q can charge through cases up to 5 mm thick.

With 5,000 mAh, an iPhone X will charge up to 2 times. Charging the battery itself requires the included USB-C cable hooked up to your power source. 

Non-wireless charging is there for most any other device by connecting your USB-A cable to the port, which supports up to 12W.  Both wireless charging and USB-A charging can be done together while also charging the battery itself.

A cosmetic feature plays a significant role in the charging. One the top, which is covered in a nice cloth finish inspired by a classic Danish furniture design, is a rubber ring. What makes that ring key is it keeps your phone in place during charging, even when it’s vibrating away with alerts. Trust me, I used other wireless chargers that didn’t have that feature and my phone vibrated itself off the charger overnight long before getting a full charge.

With a good amount of features, batteries can often get heavy. The Porto Q comes in at only 5.5 ounces and measures 5.24-by-3.27-by-0.57-inches. Lights on the side indicate how much power is available. $84.95

Pelican is a company I can say first-hand is the industry leader when it comes to rugged protective cases since I use many of their larger cases for traveling with photography gear. It has introduced two new lines of products in the Pelican Personal Utility Cases.

They are designed for adventure-ready enthusiasts in water, snow, dirt, hanging at the beach or just ready for a drop.

I gave the GoCase G40 a beating at home with drops, bangs and soakings, which all saved my personal iPhone and credit cards from any damage.

Measuring 7-by-3.5-by-1.6-inches, obviously this isn’t a case just to house your smartphone and store in a pocket or small bag. But the larger size allows you to protect a few accessories, a passport or paperwork if needed.

The series of cases are fully waterproof with an IP67 rating, enabling them to withstand complete submersion for 30 minutes in a depth of up to 3 feet.

A built-in carrying handle can attach it to most anything for security and inside a cushioned lining has an organization tray to hold accessories secure and in place. The exterior has a rubber bumper and a secure locking latch.

The G40 is available now ($39.95) and a smaller G10 model ($29.95) will be available in the coming month. Both will be in choices of six colors; anthracite, blue surf, blush, lime, slate and white.

The second in the PUC line is the Pelican Ruck case and is expected out later this year. According to a recent press release, the Ruck line is designed for the active outdoorsman, with ultimate protection and organization for expensive equipment, accessories and valuables. The Ruck Case will be available in three sizes. 

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