Gadgets :: February 13, 2019

by Gregg Ellman


Checking, monitoring and knowing your home’s the air quality is simple, easy and fast with the wireless Eve Room air quality monitor with Apple HomeKit Technology.

Air quality being such a critical aspect that Eve is correct when referring to its product  as your home’s health at a glance.

Inside is precision sensor technology for reading indoor air quality, temperature and humidity sensors, which can be checked via the Eve app and Siri. There is a 1.54-inch touch control display on the front that shows the readings as well as a choice of menus depending on your preferences.

I learned from reading about the Eve Room that almost everything produces volatile organic compounds. When left indoors, VOC emissions can quickly rise to unhealthy or even harmful levels. Once the Eve Room alerts you to these harmful levels, the solution can be as easy as opening a door or window.

Humidity levels can be unknown and are often the cause of headaches or even house plants not doing well. The app shows when the levels are off and you even get a breakdown by hours, days, months and years to see if there’s a pattern to help you find the cause.

The compact, 2.1-by-2.1-by-0.5-inch device, doesn’t stand out in a room and has an anodized aluminum body. You’ll have to recharge (micro-USB) its battery every six weeks. Or it can be set up with the included USB cable to an AC power source for a permanent power supply. 

Information the Eve Room collects is transmitted with Bluetooth so there’s no hardware bridge needed. With HomeKit, an iPhone or iPad with iOS 11.4 or later is required. For using it with automation and remote access, you’ll need an Apple HomePod voice assistant speaker or AppleTV with tvOS 11 or later, which can both severe as a home hub. An Apple Watch can also be used to access Siri for setting scenes.

A quick start guide is included to get you setup in just minutes. It’s so easy and the rewards can be priceless. $99.95

When I say the Energizer Smart WiFi Surge Protector is amazing, you have to believe me. I know it’s not easy to get excited about a power strip, but this is something every home needs and perhaps a few of them.

Before you open the box, read about it and you’ll see the features from automation to powering AC devices and direct USB connections is just the beginning. 

In a nutshell, the surge protector, which is hub free, has voice control, remote access, WiFi, scheduling and scenes.

With the accompanying Energizer Connect App (App Store and Google Play), four AC devices can be controlled remotely. The setup is easy; download the app, turn on the protector and use the app to control everything. The WiFi works with your existing home WiFi, and connections and setup are made through the app.

Obviously, with four AC plugs and a pair of USB ports (2.4 amp total) you can just plug stuff in and use it without controls, or just control some of them. Either way, the uses are endless to setup lights for nighttime, TV time or a vacation mode scene. Once a scene is created, you can use it manually or execute it through the app with schedules.

If you’re equipped with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, it works with them.

As for the surge protection, it’s built with 1,200 Joule rating to provide protection from most power surges and spikes. A 6-foot braided décor plug with low profile angled plug to fit in to AC wall outlets flush and low profile. There’s also a built-in manual power button and operation LED indicators.

Each port accessed from the front along with a main power on, off switch. $49.99, available later this year

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