Gadgets :: February 20, 2019

by Gregg Ellman

It doesn’t charge, it’s really portable and doesn’t have a USB port. That all seems kind of crazy for the electronic world but I still put the Gourmia 13-in-1 pressure cooker on my highly recommended electronic gadgets list.

I admit that I’m not front/center when it comes to cooking so I’m luck to have a wife who is an outstanding cook.

We had never used a pressure cooker but heard friends talk about them as well as constantly seeing them used and promoted on TV. So today is our turn and the tabletop Gourmia (12.95-by-13.78-by-12.4-inches) did everything as advertised in lighting fast time to cook us an awesome meal.

I did a little advance reading and found this unit takes pressure-cooker safety, speed, convenience, and control very serious. It’s built with an adjustable timer and a secure lock lid ensuring stress-free and safe opening when the internal pressure reaches appropriate levels. While it’s cooking, an auto-stir function moves the food, all with the lid on tight.

A cookbook is supplied with a few choices and searching for recipes online produced endless choices. We chose Caribbean chicken with rice from the Food Network.

It didn’t take long to chop the vegetables; we used the sauté setting for the garlic and peppers for 3 minutes. Then inside the 6-quart pot, we added rice and water. The supplied rack went over the rice to hold the chicken above that. The lid then locks in place and we set it to high pressure for one minute and the pot heats up, cooks and depressurizes. 

The whole process was about 15 minutes of cooking with just 1 of those minutes for high pressure cooking.

Final results: super easy and really good. The chicken was moist and the rice was cooked to perfection.

Later that night I was talking with a friend of mine in Chicago who is an outstanding cook and when I told him about the pressure cooker along with a picture of my meal and the 1 minute cooking time, his response was “Looks good!  One minute?” 

Yep, just 1 minute. I told him, yea, after it was heated up and ready, the chicken was cooked for 1 just minute. I bet he has a pressure cooker before long.

As for the standard AC powered pressure cooker, it’s described by Gourmia as “The first and only pressure cooker that comes with ‘Automatic Pressure Release Technology,’ which safely releases steam upon cooking completion or with the touch of a button.

It features an easy-to-clean, dishwasher safe, nonstick 6-quart stainless steel liner and adjustments for the PSI to be adjusted from 1.5-12 psi.

As for the 13-in-1 aspect, this pressure cooker boasts a huge variety of 13 easy cooking modes, including rice, which we added to our initial meal, soup, stew, yogurt, and keep meals warm are some of the features.

It can also slow cook, sauté/brown and steam to perform the tasks of many other kitchen gadgets.

With 1000 watts of speedsense technology, cooking time is slashed by as much as 70-percent, while it retains all the flavor your recipe promises. $199.99

Many people including myself hope for one charging system with a single cable connection to charge any portable powered gadgets. At this point it’s wishful thinking with USB-A, micro, Apple Lighting and now USB-C powering into our life.

There’s no avoiding the need for power so we have to pretty much adapt and carry cables for all of them. That’s where the new Coal Catalyst portable charger comes in with a three-headed adapter cable.

A strong braided and fast charging 22/28 gauge cable has a standard USB-A connection on one end and a triple on the other. It includes a Lightning for Apple users, USB-C for Androids and newer Apple products and a mircroUSB for most everything else.

The USB-C 12000mAh charging Coal makes the battery system complete with three charging ports;, USB Output1: 5V 1A, USB Output2: 5V 2.1A and Type C Output: 5V 3A. For input charging, Type C Input: 5V 2A.

The charger features Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and INOV technology for optimal voltage. $55 for 12000mAh, $45 for 8000mAh

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