Gadgets :: April 17, 2019

by Gregg Ellman

When I attend the Consumer Electronics Show every January, I try out an endless number of products scheduled to be released in the coming year. Note, when I say scheduled; sometimes they hit the market and other times they don’t. 

Jabra is a company I’ve know well for years, so when they show me a headset with impressive sound and tell me I’ll get my hands on it within a few months, you can bet the ranch it will happen. You get that from an established company producing great products year after year.

Using the Jabra Move Style Edition wireless (Bluetooth) headphones gave me great sound on the trade show floor and accompanying sound rooms. But nothing compares to taking them on a week-long test drive, which showed me impressive feature after feature.

The lightweight (5.59-0z) and portable on-ear headphones have a padded stainless steel adjustable and flexible headband connecting padded ear cups housing 40mm dynamic speakers. Having them on for hours while flying cross country showed me right there how comfortable they are since i didn’t remove them until I landed. 

Since I listened that long the sound obviously must be as good. Crisp and clean at any volume make these an excellent choice. The rechargeable battery life keeps the music in your years for about 14 hours or 12 days of standby time.

And with all of these features, it’s nice to see a solid, great sounding headset from a major player in the consumer headset industry, Priced at just $99.99, they are a bargain compared to many similar brands.

Bluetooth pairing (up to 8 devices), battery charging, a 3.5 mm aux input for a wired connection, 4 mm omni-directional microphone, pause, play and volume are all done on the outside of the earbuds. available in gold beige, navy blue and titanium black 

It’s only batteries,  but they are so simple, so basic, so easy to use and no setup. And the most important aspect is the usefulness 24/7/365.

The mophie juice pack for Palm phone ($59.95) provides a 900mAh integrated battery for up to 13 hours of total use time. It’s made with a slim and lightweight design for everyday use. 

The rugged, tough polycarbonate shell provides impact protection from drops and falls and edge-to-edge protection and raised corners to help protect the Palm phone screen from scratches.

The juice pack is also available for many other iPhone and Android models, just check the Mophie site for a complete list.

Portable USB charging batteries are commonplace these days so they must have have a specific feature to stand out and that’s just what the Mophie powerstation keychain ($39.95) has. It’s one thing to have a battery charged and ready for use, but finding it along with a corresponding charging cable always seems to be a chore.

The lightweight, pocket-size portable battery (3.15-by-1.5-by-0.6-inches, 2.1-oz) features a carabiner to attach to belts, bags, keys or anything you want knowing it will be there when you coming looking for power.

The keychain features a 1,200mAh battery and cable release button to use the built-in USB-C cable for extending the life of USB-C devices up to an additional 8 hours of talk time.

Both new batteries feature mophie Priority+ charging, which allows pass-through charging while the battery is connected to a power source. With the Priority+, your connected device recharges first, and then the powerstation keychain recharges itself.

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