Bellus3D Dental Pro is a new 3D face scanning dental app for iPad Pro and iPhone X that automatically aligns the 3D face with Dental and CBCT scans

Bellus3D, Inc. a Silicon Valley computer vision company announced today that it is introducing new 3D face scanning applications for the dental market. The new software will be shown at the 2019 American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) in Los Angeles, California, May 4-7, 2019.

Three-dimensional face scanning has become a highly desirable visualization tool to aid dentists, orthodontists, prosthodontists, labs and oral surgeons for case planning and presentation. When a 3D face scan is matched to intraoral or Cone Beam (CBCT) scans, dental professionals can visually present before/after simulations to patients for improved acceptance of proposed treatments. This integration also improves collaboration and information exchange between patients, practitioners and dental labs.

While highly desirable, 3D face scanning in dentistry has not been widely adopted due to the need for specialized face scanning equipment, high capital investment, and complex integration challenges. Bellus3D’s newest dental solutions bring a breakthrough in affordability and ease-of-use to the dental ecosystem while improving dental work flows. The new Bellus3D applications incorporate the company’s patented computer vision technology and only require the user to turn their head from side-to-side in a guided sequence during the scanning process. Proprietary advanced image processing is then used to reconstruct the user’s lifelike face in 3D.

Bellus3D is announcing two products at the 2019 AAO Conference.

Bellus3D Dental Pro is a 3D face scanning dental app that scans and reproduces a user’s 3D face in under 15 seconds on an Apple iPad Pro or iPhone X. Once the scan is complete, a one-click alignment function performs automatic lip-line cutout of the teeth and registers the 3D face scan to align with dental intraoral or CBCT scans for immediate use in dental design software. The app requires the use of an Apple iPhone or iPad Pro that include the built-in FaceID/TrueDepth Camera.

The new Bellus3D Face Camera App 2.0 for Windows has functionality similar to Bellus3D Dental Pro, however it is implemented for the Windows platform. Key capabilities of the new software include fast high-fidelity 3D face scanning and one-click functions to align 3D face scans with dental and CBCT scans. The Windows Face Camera 2.0 application can be operated as a standalone application or be optionally configured as an exocad ChairsideCAD or exocad DentalCAD Windows software plug-in. Through the exocad integration, the Bellus3D 3D face scan can be stored and aligned with the intraoral files located in the exocad patient folder. A Bellus3D Face Camera Pro is required for 3D face scanning on a Windows PC with the Face Camera App 2.0.

The new Bellus3D dental software products and Bellus3D Face Camera Pro will be sold exclusively through dental industry resellers. Bellus3D is actively looking for qualified resellers to expand distribution.

Live demonstrations of both products will be shown at 2019 American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) in Los Angeles, California, May 4-7, 2019, Booth 3134. Dental Pro and the new Windows Face Camera App 2.0 will be available in Q2 2019.

About Bellus3D, Inc.
Bellus3D ( is the innovative leader in high-resolution 3D face scanning designed for mobile platforms. More information about Bellus3D dental products:
Bellus3D Press Contact: Eric Zarakov, [email protected], Phone: (408) 389-8737.
Bellus3D Reseller Contact: Eric Zarakov, [email protected], Phone: (408) 389-8737.

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