Gadgets :: July 3, 2019

by Gregg Ellman

Before I put the sound to my ears I was reminded by a Mixcder company representative that Mixcder is known for high-quality, cost-friendly  ANC headphones. 

After using the Mixcder E9 ANC wireless headphones for a week it’s hard to get that statement out of my mind so I guess that’s pretty critical because my impression shows it’s true.

I’m not saying they are the best headphones you can get but with excellent sound and all the features you would want makes the $69.99 price tag well worth the purchase.

They are built with an ergonomic design, lightweight (8.9 ounces), an adjustable black headband and comfortable soft and rotating foam ear pads. The latter is as important as the sound. Their portable construction allows them to fold nicely when they need to be tucked away for storage. An airplane adapter and a lightweight hard carrying case are included.

According to Mixcder, the sound is delivered from “40 mm drivers for a powerful, wide band frequency from 20Hz-20,000Hz with an impactful bass, rich and detailed midrange and clear treble for a crisp sound up to 94 decibels.” To me, the music is well-balanced with deep bass, mid tones and treble.

The active noise cancelling feature works well and you have it on or off. While it’s on, some of your outside surroundings will be blocked and when it’s off you’ll hear a little more. Either way, you’ll hear you music with great clarity. The ANC just determines how much outside noise you want.

If you’re poolside, you might want to block out the world but walking city streets might be a place to have some of your surroundings heard.

Bluetooth 4.0 makes the wireless connection and the internal 500mAh rechargeable battery will last for about 30 hours playtime with ANC off, 24 hours with it on. Recharging only takes 2.5 hours.. They can also be used with the auxiliary port.

Being a hands person, one feature I found so helpful is the larger buttons for on headset control of handsfree calls with the built-in microphones, music choices and volume. $79.99 or $69.99 when available at Amazon

ScanMyPhotos has a great summer project for everyone who has boxes of photos. Yes, actual prints, not digital copies, at least just yet.

The company can take 4,000 photos of these images and scan them for just $40 in a one cent photo scanning option. With that deal there really isn’t an excuse to not get your prints digitally scanned and protected.

The one cent scans have a 150 DPI, making them perfect for social media and website usage. There’s an upcharge for larger scanned resolutions with choices of 300 DPI for seven cents each and 600 DPI for 15 cents each.

There’s no limit to how many photos you can get scanned. The one cent option has a 10,000 photo maximum and $40 minimum per order (S&H not included).  Even if it’s just a handful of photos needing to be scanned, there’s a flexible pay-per-scan option.

Things to note, your photos must be at least 3-by-3inches and no larger than 8-by-10-inches and removed from albums, staples and anything else attached to them. Negatives, slides and other media are not accepted for scanning. Everything including instructions on how to package your photos for shipping are clearly explained on the ordering website.

Your original photos are delivered with the scans in options including thumb drives and DVD’s.

Other options with addition charges include same-day scanning and instant uploading, which results in the day the order is received it’s scanned, uploaded and in your possession.

I’m a past user of the service and years after getting my family achieves scanned, they are still looked at regularly, where the shoes boxes of closeted photos were basically never looked at when in print format. 

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