Turn High-Contrast Video Images into Stunning Photographs with HDRinstant

HDRlog SARL has released HDRinstant, an Adobe Lightroom plug-in for Windows and Mac that lets photographers start with videos containing very light and very dark areas, and turn them into photographs that bring out the detail throughout the entire image.

HDRinstant uses a unique patent-pending high dynamic range (HDR) technology to control a wide range of very light and very dark areas in a video image, and produce an individual photograph that displays the details that would ordinarily be lost in the extremely dark areas. This unique feature is made possible by using the neighboring frames of the favorite one because 20 frames taken at 1/100 of a second is equivalent to 1 frame taken a 1/5 of a second.

Using Lightroom and the HDRinstant plug-in, simply extract a sequence of about 20 frames from a video, and identify your favorite frame. The software will bring out the detail in the lightest and darkest areas, and produce a new version of the image that has viewable detail throughout the picture.

Before HDRinstant, it would be very difficult to create a photograph of moving animals, under very difficult lighting conditions, in a zoo or in the wild. As may be seen in the rhinoceros example on the HDRlog home page (http://hdrinstant.com/) the software can create a stunning tone-mapped photo, because HDRinstant permits the photographer to choose, after the shooting, the best moment, for instance when rhinoceros are fighting and the framing is good.

Also it is now possible to enjoy a portrait of a person walking in front of a sunset. Normally either the sunset would be beautiful and the person's image would be too dark to enjoy, or the person's face would be lit normally and the sky would be completely washed out. With HDRinstant, the photograph would show detail in both the face and the sky.

The antighosting setting automatically eliminates motion blur that might be found when averaging the neighboring frames of the favorite moment by applying a special morphing algorithm to the 20-or-so images from the video and using this additional information to build the final photograph. This powerful function also automatically aligns multiple frames that have become misaligned due to camera shake. There is even a texture parameter that lets photographers improve the quality in areas that contain small details.

The software is designed for professional photographers and videographers and for advanced amateurs who want to turn an ordinary video clip into a stunning photograph. In addition to working with video clips, HDRinstant also works with a series of camera images taken in high-speed burst mode.

HDRinstant is a plug-in for the Windows and Mac versions of Adobe Lightroom 4 or higher. A single-user license costs $59(US) and includes one year of upgrades. The software is available at special introductory price of $29 until through February 28, 2014. For more information, or to download the trial version, visithttp://hdrinstant.com/.


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