Gadgets :: October 24, 2019

by Gregg Ellman

Like anyone else, I have my favorite companies and Think Tank Photo is certainly one. 

Think Tank Photo was founded by professional photographers and designers to create the most inventive and effective solutions for all photographic situations and since 2005 they have absolutely achieved that goal.

Their most recent product, The Retrospective V2.0 shoulder bag, has been upgraded with some great features while retaining what makes it a go-to bag for many professional, amateur and vacation photographers.

It retains the classic retro minimalist look, lighter and available with a brand new black colorway look.

Security is always a good thing to be aware of, especially when carrying around photographic valuables. The Retrospective V2.0 includes a new zippered opening cover under the main flap, which can be zipped open or close with ease.

While I had my gear on my shoulder and in use, having the bag sit on my other shoulder can make it vulnerable to wandering hands. With the new security, the flap zips shut the contents of the main compartment, which along with a Velcro seal of the main flap gives a nice sense of security along but with easy access when you need to open it.

When I first got my hands on the bag I saw a folded compartment on the side, which got me really curious about its function. Think Tank lists it as a collapsible water bottle pocket, and it works perfectly. But besides a water bottle, I found the compartment handy to access quick items like a flash or memory card wallet when working in the field.

Think Tank has improved its industry-leading Sound Silencer technology on the Velcro closures inside the main flap to ensure the bag opens and closes in silence when needed (think weddings, etc). This keeps the bag from broadcasting that screeching Velco alarming sound while working in a quiet environment.

The silencer flaps can instantly be pulled out of the main flap to cover the Velcro to silence them or tucked away to help keep the bag sealed while using the Velcro sealing.

A dedicated compartment will hold a laptop or tablet up to 15-inches, size dependent  on the model you choose from the five available.

The bag is loaded with other pockets, compartments, handles and removable modular dividers so you can customize the bag to fit your exact camera gear and accessories.  A luggage handle pass-through is on the back.

An adjustable non-slip strap is padded for comfort, a rain cover is included and keys can easily be attached with a carabineer.

The Retrospective V2.0 comes in five models to accommodate specific needs along with laptops and tablets up to 15-inches.  They range from the smallest Retrospective 5 V2.0. $149.75 and holds up to a 9-inch tablet and the biggest is the Retrospective 30 V2.0 $199.75 to hold up to a 15-inch laptop. All are available in black and pinsetone with sand-washed cotton canvas, water-repellant exteriors. 

The world’s first bottle cork speaker with LED lights.  Well, if it’s the first time you’ve heard that, it’s the same for me since it’s claimed to be the worlds first.

It currently on a Kickstarter fundraising campaign, so who knows if it will actually be available for purchase, but they have surpassed their financial goals, so I would expect to see it at some point.

The innovative Cork 2 product transforms any bottle into a speaker and according to parent company Leedeyeon in a recent press release, once corked to an empty bottle, it brings out a superbly rich sound, creating fun discoveries to be had with your friends.

According to the press release, Cork is a focused integration of Leedeyeon’s exclusive top-quality sound technology. Portable in size, it is designed to deliver music in 360° with a Woofer module built inside the speaker and is structured to transfer the sound to the bottle through the lower part of the speaker to render a clear and magnificent sound.

It’s promoted as perfect for travel, outdoor or a house party with great portability and to work with most any bottle; water, wine, beer, etc. Any way you use it I think it’s an innovative product with a lot of potential combining the worlds of many, including myself with a nice bottle of wine (always drink responsibly) and a speaker.

And with the need for stocking stuffers only around the corner…

The Cork 2 Bluetooth speaker and light is not priced yet, but the Leedeyeon Cork 1 speaker is currently selling for $69 on Amazon.

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