Gadgets :: November 13, 2019

by Gregg Ellman

Bedside clock radios are critical for time displays and alarms to get you going in the morning. These days they are needed for so much more and the new AC powered iHome iBTW281 dual alarm clock speaker system does it all.  It even cleaned up my nightstand mess of cables.

Along with an endless amount number of up-to-date features incorporating today’s technology, the critical features of time and dual alarms are there.  The time, date and alarm settings are on a front facing display, with adjustable brightness levels to automatically brightness and your desired times. For snoozers, the snooze duration can be adjusted.

A quick start guide runs you through the basic setup, which includes a switch inside the backup battery compartment to automatically adjust for daylight savings time. A coin battery is also included to keep the time in the event of a loss of power.

The fun features are pairing your device with Bluetooth, enabling the sound system to play whatever tunes you choose through the built-in speaker and even have your smartphones playlist used as your desired wake up alarm source.

Once paired up you’ll also have a speakerphone with echo noise cancellation. The voice control allows access to Siri and Google Assistant.

I have a newer smartphone with Qi wireless charging and charging couldn’t be easier. Just lay any compatible wireless charging phone right on top where wireless fast charging is built-in and charging starts, even with a case on.

If you don’t have a wireless charing smartphone (you need to get one, it makes life so easy) there’s a USB charging port on the back to connect your device needing a boost of power.

All this adds up to what I referred earlier to cleaning up a nightstand mess of cables. Before using this iHome device, I had an older standard clock radio with an AC power cord, a Qi charging pad with an AC power cord and a AC plug/cord for USB charging cords, all plugged into a power strip . Now with the iHome iBTW281 alarm clock I have just one AC power cord and I connect a USB cable to the back side port to charge my iPad.

Both sides have color changing ambient lights with a choice of presets, including a night mode or just have them turned off. If you’re playing music, one of the choices will have the lights play and pulse to the beat of your music. They are purely cosmetic but definitely give a room a nice look with the vibrant color lights. $79.95

V-Moda has launched M-200, the award winning company’s first-ever reference studio headphone, which they refer to it as he world’s finest high-fidelity audio device.

The over-the-head studio headphones are designed to produce a clean, refined and spacious sound with transparent clarity, resulting in perfect sound for producers, musicians and sound professionals alike.

They feature a combination of meticulous Japanese engineering and classic V-MODA shapes and materials. Inside the headphones are 50 mm drivers with neodymium magnets and CCAW voice coils, which reproduce a wide range of frequencies up to 40 kHz.

As with every pair of V-Moda headphones I’ve tried over the years, comfort and design are as good as it gets. These have larger, flatter ear-cup housings compared to the Crossfade series and the closed-back M-200 features extra internal amplifying room for spacious sound with superior noise isolation.

The design includes a durable, adjustable and flexible headband, with even weight distribution to wear in silent comfort. The exterior is made with premium, sweat-resistant PU leather and detachable magnetic memory foam cushions.

The M-200 is available for pre-order for $350, with delivery expected in late November

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