New ISO standard for scanner calibration – Fogra tests new LaserSoft Imaging Targets

ISO committee publishes extension of targets for color calibration of scanners – ISO standard 12641-2 replaces old standard – LaserSoft Imaging already has corresponding targets in its portfolio – Fogra tested

(PresseBox) (Kiel, ) After publication of the new ISO standard 12641-2 by the ISO committee, the new standard for the color calibration of scanners is valid with immediate effect. LaserSoft Imaging has participated in the development of this standard and offers targets corresponding to the new standard at an early stage.

In order to compensate for the fact that scanners perceive colors differently, an IT8 profile is used to create a color profile that characterizes the color space of the device and takes individual deviations into account. With the new “Extended Targets”, this task can now be performed even more precisely than before, thus achieving maximum color fidelity.

With the help of so-called IT8 targets, a kind of color measurement chart, the deviation of a scanner is measured in an IT8 profiling process. These deviations can occur due to production, aging or environmental factors and can be compensated by a correction color profile.

The old ISO 12641 standard was extended by an ISO committee to include a new Part 2 standard with more modern target layouts. The almost triple amount of measuring fields on the targets can produce much more accurate color profiles, as much more measurement data is now available. The addition of color dots in the dark and pastel tones further increases the accuracy of the new targets.

LaserSoft Imaging has participated in the development of the new standard and already offers these new targets for purchase. The internationally recognized Fogra Institute has tested these targets in detail and certified them: “The evaluation shows an excellent conformity of the tested transmissive and reflective targets to ISO 12641-2. In addition, the tested targets not only meet the requirement criteria for uncalibrated targets, they even comply with the very strict tolerance limits for calibrated targets.“

As always in SilverFast’s patented color calibration, this process also takes place fully automatically with the new targets and makes this technique operable for everybody.

The new “extended targets” are available until 31.03.2020 through the SilverFast website at a reduced price.

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