GADGETS :: April 29, 2020

by Gregg Ellman

With the GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging Kit, launched in Joby’s new custom Line, Mobile Accessories for Content Creation at Playlist Live, the tools will be a welcome addition for bloggers, vloggers or anyone wanting to create video content with clear audio and adjustable lighting.

Joby put it a nice way in a recent press release saying the new kit will eliminate any barrier to creativity and share one common theme – the versatility to be situation-proof.

The lightweight (19-ounces) and versitle kit consists of the flagship Joby GorillaPod with the GorillaPod Mobile Rig, Beamo Mini LED and the Wavo Mobile microphone in the kit. 

I’ve used many different-sized GorillaPods over the years and have written about several in this space. The flagship product is a tripod, ball and socket design with rubberized grips, designed to stabilize your camera on just about any surface or object. It sits perfect on flat surfaces or with its bendable legs they can snuggle up to a pole and keep perfectly steady. I’ve used GolillaPods to hold my original iPod in place while flying and to take selfies in the Caribbean and put cameras in remote locations.

With the GorillaPod Mobile Rig tripod (3.1-by-4.7-by-12.9-inches), you’ll have the same options to keep it flat, standing or wrap it just about anywhere, straight up or upside down – with its twistable and gripping legs. 

Your smartphone is held in the GripTight mount, which can be used in portrait and landscape views. To change views, just loosen a screw, change the angle and hand tighten it shut. 

The GripTight mount attaches to the tripod with the GorillaPod ball head, which has an industry standard 1/4’’-20 thread and rubberized grips. Two GorillaPod arms, two cold shoe mounts and a GoPro mount are included with the GorillaPod Mobile Rig for adding or taking accessories on or off instantly.

For capturing crisp clear audio, the kit includes the Wavo portable on-camera microphone, which attaches with a cold shoe mount. It’s built with Rycote Lyre technology to assist in shock absorbing movements for clear sound standing, walking or running. A deadcat cover is included, to help on windy days and remove other unwanted background noise. Camera and smartphone connection cables and a pouch are included with the microphone.

The last piece of the kit is the Beamo Mini LED light, which is the piece of the puzzle many people don’t use, but should. The on-the-go, compact and portable (1.5-by-2-by-2-inches) LED Light will make you or your subjects look great. It has 1000 lumens with 5 steps of dimmable lighting and will last 40 minutes of use at full power, 100 minutes at 50-percent before a USB-C charge is needed. 

The rugged Beamo 5100K light is waterproof up to 30-meters and also has a magnetic backing. With the myJOBY app (iOS and Android) lighting can be controlled remotely if the camera isn’t within reach or you want it adjusted while filming.

When you combine these pieces in the kit, it’s a complete package, you’ll save money compared to buying each piece individually. With little to no setup, the kit  stabilizes the image from the smartphone and adds much better lighting and audio compared to that produced by the smartphone. Use it to get on your next Zoom or FaceTime meeting and you’ll be asked why you look so good.

Joby has bigger kits, tripods, lights and accessories available on their site to work with just about any smartphone or DSLR. $199.95

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