DXOMARK introduces new score for smartphone display and expands smartphone rear-camera testing

Paris , France – DXOMARK, the scientific benchmark recognized worldwide, is expanding and diversifying. DXOMARK announces its new score for display quality of smartphones and expands its famous smartphone rear-camera test protocol. “With the arrival of 5G and increasing AI capabilities in mobile devices, consumer expectations of the quality of video, gaming and camera features are rising,” said Frederic Guichard, CEO and CTO of DXOMARK. “Smartphone experiences are multi-sensory, so the addition of display to our camera and audio testing provides consumers with a more comprehensive view of device performances.”
For over a decade, DXOMARK has been helping consumers navigate a complex technology landscape with a scientific approach and an easy-to-understand scoring system that allow buyers to choose a phone that best suits their needs. DXOMARK Display Manufacturers’ specifications such as screen size, resolution, technology, and refresh rate do not tell much about a phone’s display quality. DXOMARK examines screen quality from a deeper end-user perspective. Its test protocol combines 400+ objective measurements and over 20 hours of perceptual evaluation in lab and real-life settings to generate the DXOMARK Display score for each product tested. Each Display score is composed of 6 sub-scores: readability, color, video, motion, touch, and artifacts, a relevant set of the key display quality attributes.
The DXOMARK scores are now live at ;www.dxomark.com/rankings  
“We congratulate DXOMARK on the launch of its new smartphone display benchmarking program. Pixelworks believes that DXOMARK’s scientific and comprehensive approach will do for the display what it has done to propel camera performance forward over last ten years,” said Todd DeBonis, President and CEO of Pixelworks. “The smartphone is an inherently visual tool that consumers experience through its screen, which makes display benchmarking a natural complement to DXOMARK’s world-renowned camera scoring. As a result, the market now has objective ratings that compare the entire visual experience of popular smartphones. Without an exceptional display, how can a user fully enjoy the benefits of having a great camera?”
DXOMARK Camera has undergone various updates these past years with the addition of bokeh, zoom, wide angle, and night testing to its already rigorous evaluation. As smartphones continue to progress, DXOMARK tests continue to challenge them. In spite of the progress made, even high-end smartphones sometimes fail in relatively simple scenes. DXOMARK has updated 80% of its shooting plan to address upcoming camera technologies, assess trustability, and evaluate preview. This expansion includes many new demanding test scenes in photo and video with more people, motion, low light and HDR in each shot. The test protocol has added a new Preview score to evaluate preview quality on the smartphone screen before pressing the shutter.
About us:
DXOMARK is the trusted industry standard for smartphone and digital camera tests and ratings. For the past 12 years, it has been recognized for providing the most rigorous hardware testing, using industry-grade laboratory tools in its analyses, and for establishing the most comprehensive reference database of test results. DXOMARK performs scientific tests to evaluate image, audio, and display quality from an end-user perspective.
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