Traxshot Features Innovative Air-Float Shock-Absorption Design, Internal Windproof Technology, & .IPS Display For Real-time Monitoring of Recording QualityMono, 30° & 90 ° Stereo, & Bi-directional Stereo Modes
Ready for Vlogs, Blogs, Concerts, Podcasts, & Radio/TV Interviews – All at a Low Cost

January 8, 2021, Shenzhen, China– Comica Audio, a leading professional broadcast level audio company, launched today TraxshotTM, the first transformable TransformersTM-styled professional broadcast Mic, a patent pending portable all-in-one super cardioid shotgun microphone that changes shape to switch modes as you need them, with multi-modes for mono, two-level stereo, and bi-directional for all cameras and smartphones. Traxshot is perfect for a variety of uses, such as podcasts, special events, music videos, and corporate video shooting; travel, concerts, and outdoor videos; voiceovers, influencer and micro-videos, TV/radio interviews, and vlogs, as well as professional shooting — all at a low cost. Based on the Chevrolet TraxTM concept car from the Transformers movie, The Traxshot name signifies its sophisticated mode-switching capability, much like a Transformer.

Traxshot’s three sound pickup modes include Mono Mode for vlogs and interviews; two Stereo Modes (30° & 90 °) for recording ambient sound, the outdoors, parties, and music; and Front and Rear Modes for recording two people for interviews. In addition, with Real-time Monitoring, the microphone’s status can be constantly monitored through the headphones so you always know that your recordings are high-quality.

Innovative Air-Float Shock-Absorption Design & Internal Windproof Technology

Featuring a major innovation and breakthrough in technology, Traxshot’s innovative Air-Float Shock-Absorption design absorbs shock in all directions (front and back) for the clearest audio with Internal Windproof Technology that significantly reduces wind recording noise for clear recordings for interviews, voiceovers, and other recordings in noisy environments. The mic’s high directionality also provides clearer sound capture at a distance for concerts and other long distance recordings, as well ambient sound recordings, such as at the sounds of seagulls and crashing waves at the beach or birds and other wildlife at a forest hike. Lightweight and portable to bring everywhere, Traxshot weighs 4.5 ounces, with dimensions of 4.8” x 2.5” x 2.4” (122mm x 65mm x 62mm).

Traxshot Modes

Traxshot Features:

  • Multi-modes switching: Mono, Two-level Stereo, Bi-directional Modes to meet different needs.

o       Mono mic records a single sound source for micro-video, vlog shooting and interviews:

  • Dual mics overlap sound sources to provide a more stable frequency response and uniform output sound source.

o       Two-level stereo: records two different sound sources through two separate mics.

  • 30° stereo (V-type stereo) for use with a standard 35mm camera lens with shooting formats of 300° to 330° to record the equivalent stereo width.
  • 90° stereo (most common mic position “X/Y” layout) captures a wider range of sounds with more balanced recordings for recording ambient sound, parties, and concerts, etc.

o       Bi-directional front and rear pickup: microphone picks up the front and rear sound sources for interviews, podcasts, etc.

  • Innovative Air-float Shock-absorption design: absorbs shock in all directions.
  • High resolution .IPS display, Visual Power, and Sound Pickup Modes.
  • Stepless Gain Control, Real-time Monitoring and Low Cut Filter Switch: Stepless Gain Control by rotating the dial and real-time monitoring of the microphone’s status through headphones.
  • Internal Windproof design and high density windscreen muffs effectively filter wind noise: significantly reduces wind recording noise for the clearest sound.
  • For universal use with all cameras and smartphones: equipped with TRS-TRS, TRS-TRRS output cables for simple Plug and Play operation.
  • Supports USB-C:  to upgrade the system, transfer files, and recharge batteries.
  • Built-in rechargeable Lithium battery.
  • Full metal super shielding design: full metal construction for better shielding, stable and durability.
  • Light-weight and portable: weighs 4.5 ounces, with dimensions of 4.8” x 2.5” x 2.4” (122mm x 65mm x 62mm).

Traxshot Tech Specs:

Pricing and Availability

Traxshot is available January 8, 2021 priced at $179 from Amazon at: It comes with the Traxshot, carrying case, 3.5mm TRS-TRS audio cable, 3.5mm TRS-TRRS audio cable, USB-C charging cable, windshield muffs, and manual. For more information, see the website:, Facebook:, Instagram: 

About Comica Audio

Founded in 2012, CoMica Technology Co., LTD (Comica Audio) is a leading professional broadcast level audio company at consumer prices. Comica Audio produces their own product R&D, manufacturing, and sales in-house with products including professional wired and wireless microphones, accessories, audio interfaces, and mixers. Comica Audio is one of the best known audio brands, with products sold worldwide including the U.S., Canada, Europe, South America, the Middle East; with all products awarded CE, ROHS certifications.  For more information, see the website:

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