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Is it really possible to call a wireless phone charger elegant, or attractive or a piece of art? Well, some of that might be a stretch but after seeing Einova by Eggtronic’s marble wireless phone charger, you’ll know what I mean.

The 4.65-inch rounded charger can produce 5W, 7.5W and up to 10w of fast charging for capable devices, but what makes this a winner is its appearance. It’s available in five genuine marble colors, and each has a unique cut, finish and marble pattern.  

According to Einova, the chargers were designed in Italy and are rendered in 100 percent solid genuine marble or stone with artisanal quality and meticulous attention to detail.

As for the performance, there’s not a lot to say besides it worked. Although there are some wireless chargers I’ve tested that make you find the exact spot to lay it down and charge. With the piece of marble, as long my iPhone 12Pro was somewhat centered, the charging started.

Attached to the 20 ounce stone is a high quality and durable braided 3-foot USB cable for powering the Qi-Certified charger. A USB wall charger is included. The bottom is lined with a soft fabric to ensure it won’t scratch any surface.

The marble wireless charger ($49.99) is available in white marble, black marble, lava, sandstone, travertine

Another top of the line charging device from Einova is the USB-C ultra fast laptop power back.

Charging a smartphone on the go isn’t difficult these days but this 20,000 mAh piece of power has 63 watts of total output, which adds up to charging a smartphone 4 to 8 times, 3 to 5 charges for a tablet or one and a half charges for most laptops.

The three outputs include a 45W USB-C, an 18W USB-A Quick Charge 3.0 and one 5W USB-A 2.4A.

Cosmetically, the slim power bank is covered in a soft waterproof linen canvas and an LCD display (0 is empty,100 is fully charged) shows the remaining battery power lbefore it needs an AC charge.

It’s easy to say every house should have this or that gadget, and often it’s accurate. But there’s no doubt every home can use the new Firewalla Gold multi-gigabit cyber security firewall and router.

A representative from Firewalla stated it well: typical home routers are great for spreading Wi-Fi signals to all corners of your house but they aren’t great to keep cyber criminals away. In a nutshell Firewalla is like hiring a full time security guard to watch over your home Internet 24/7.

The first thing to know about the Firewalla is the setup is straight forward and can easily be done even if your not a tech head. And there’s no monthly fee. 

It’s not a plug and play setup but the Firewalla app walks you through the process and recommendations to create a firewall. After you get going, accessing other features is done with the app to setup what you might want or do not to be want restricted. Either way, the security added to a home network is priceless and needed.

Once Firewalla is connected to your existing home router, your network has a solid layer of protection, which you probably didn’t previously to protect any device, and watch their actions using your home Wi-Fi. This includes smartphones, tablets, computers, video doorbells and other home security and smart home devices.

Parents can create rules with the Firewalla’s setup and management app, to keep children off specific websites creating a safe zone for web surfing.

The Firewalla app displays show what devices are using the network, how much bandwidth is used, behavior analytics, blocked network attacks,  control gaming usage, and a whole lot more.

Firewalla has a 3 gigabit performance, which makes compatible now and with future faster speeds. $418

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