GADGETS by Gregg Ellman :: February 24, 2021

The BenQ GS2 projector is not only portable but truly lives up to its “Hassle-free wireless setup”. Going into it skeptically, I was pleasantly surprised to have my phone streaming with the BenQ GS2 from my iPhone within minutes after unboxing it. 

Just minutes after unboxing it, I had the projected image on my home-made plywood outdoor screen. The image and resolution were crisp and sharp edge to edge with vivid accurate colors. There was no vignetting and viewing the image was clear from side angles as well as straight.

For the most part, any flat sturdy surface will work. Merely, attach it with the bottom sided 1/4” – 20 thread to a tripod or something similar. The BenQ GS2 has a built in keystone adjustment of 1D, Vertical ± 40 degrees making it easy to get a level image.

Once the BenQ GS2 is powered up, focused and centered in your screen, choose the Wi-Fi network and your device (iOS, MacOS or Android) and connect them. It was seamless connecting an iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro.

The content you stream varies by your device and is dependent on access, as stated on the BenQ website, “Please be informed that watching online streaming media content, like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney+, from mobile devices with a BenQ projector is not currently a viable option at this moment. This is due to their subscription-based business model with license and copyright concern.”

Hopefully someday soon the copyright gods give our iPhones streaming permission with Netflix and other streaming services to all devices. But not to be defeated, I took out my MacBook Pro and with Firefox as my browser, I had  my Netflix and YouTubeTV accounts working perfectly with the BenQ GS2.

An on-screen menus guide takes you through focusing, connecting to Wi-Fi and whatever device you are using to stream (iOS, MacOS, Android). Specific directions are displaying depending on your choice.

Going the iPhone route, connecting was easy. Aside from the streaming services which couldn’t be played, I was able to get directly onto specific TV apps for local stations and CNN.

There’s a lot to like about the portable cubed (5.4-by-5.6-by-5.4-inch, 3.5-pound) projector. An attractive accessory that is included is the nice soft canvas case, which holds everything including the power adapter along with a few accessories. Using it indoors, outdoors or just take it along to a socially distant get together with friends outdoors is easy.

The BenQ GS2 is built with durable construction, unibody structure and soft rubber exterior, enabling it tp withstand a 1.6-foot drop. It is also IPX2 splash resistant. Even knowing, play it safe. Don’t drop it and don’t set not up next to your pool or sauna. The power adapter connects magnetically, disconnecting instantly in the event of a foot getting tangled, letting it separate from the projector and keeping everything intact. 

Some features of the BenQ include built in Bluetooth 4.0 for connecting your own speakers or use the pair of internal 2 watt speakers. Built in Wi-Fi works with 2.4 and 5GHz and the interface ports include HDMI (1.4a) / HDCP (1.4), USB-C, USB 2.0 (type A), 3.5 mm audio out and a light sensor. The brightness is 500 ANSI lumens and it projects a resolution of 720p (1280 x 720 pixels). $599

by Gregg Ellman

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