Photo Playing cards to help camera enthusiasts edit better photos raise $65.000 in one week.

The Photo Editing Deck is a set of playing cards to help Camera enthusiasts help edit better photos. It has raised $65,000 in the first week of its Kickstarter campaign. The product follows the massive success of The Photography Deck which was shipped to over 12.000 Camera enthusiasts around the world and became the largest playing card project in Kickstarter history (by the number of backers).


The Photo Editing Deck was created based on the Kickstarter customer feedback. They are designed to be the Ultimate Cheat Sheet Playing Cards for Digital Image Processing. They illustrate the most useful editing functions and common principles that helps users to improve heir skills and supercharge their photo manipulation knowledge.


The deck consists 52 standard Playing Cards and 2 Jokers and is the ultimate gift for shutterbugs and camera enthusiasts. The numbered cards illustrate tips and tricks for a betterPhoto Manipulation workflow. They are pocket-sized cheat sheets that summarize image editing functions and techniques for the most common appssuch as Lightroom, Photoshop, Snapseed and others.

The Photo Editing Deck campaign will run from March 03, 2021 to April 02, 2021 with an estimated delivery date of July 2021. The decks come in several colours (Red and Blue) and a Limited Edition (White/Green) that will be exclusively available on Kickstarter. During the campaign the products can be pre-ordered starting at US$ 14.50 for single Decks and US$ 45 for bundles of multiple decks.



The project was designed by the German Crowdfunding enthusiast Eric Bohring. Eric has launched several successful campaigns on the platform and is a fulltime photographer, filmmaker and aspiring Youtuber.

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