GADGETS by Gregg Ellman :: April 14, 2021

The first thing you notice about the well-built and solid Satechi aluminum desktop stand for iPad is the weight. At 1 pound and 10 ounces, the bottom-heavy stand is perfect for storing tablets in place and not worrying about it tipping over.

Most of the weight is in the base of the 5.75-by-9.625-by1.75-inch stand, which holds and elevates the iPad to a better viewing angle with the adjustable mount. It’s constructed with solid, heavy-duty space gray aluminum; protective padding is installed to prevent scratching or damage to the iPad, and it’s collapsible for storage or portability.

There are numerous uses for an iPad, from today’s popular video chats to, in my case, having email open while other work is being done on my computer screen. Whatever your choice, the tablet stays securely in a hands-free position.

The height can not be modified but the base hinge is adjustable up to 135-degrees and the mount is adjustable up to 180-degrees. Even with iPad in the name, as Satechi notes on its website, you can use it with any brand tablet with a maximum screen dimension of 13-inches.

While any tablet is secured in the Satechi aluminum desktop stand, ports for charging are easily accessible though slots on the bottom of the mount. $44.99 

Invisible Shield, a Zagg Brands company and the industry leader in smartphone display protection has announced that the GlassFusion VisionGuard+ with D3O and GlassFusion+ with D3O, both launched previously for the Samsung Galaxy S21 lineup, is now available for the iPhone 12 family

The hybrid screen protectors have D30, described by the company as a non-Newtonian fluid. In its raw, flexible form, D3O is fluid, but when it experiences impact, the molecules lock together to form a barrier that disperses the energy across the entire surface of the screen, protecting it from damage. 

What it means to you is the crystal clear protection with the D3O additive makes the screen protectors more than 20 percent stronger, with more impact and shatter protection compared to the original GlassFusion.

With the GlassFusion VisionGuard+ with D30 ($59.99), the screen protector is engineered to be unbreakable and features an eye-safe technology layer that blocks HEV blue light without distorting the screen color. It also inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria with built-in anti-microbial properties.

The GlassFusion+ with D3O ($49.99) provides users with a complete edge-to-edge screen and contains anti-microbial properties. It’s made with tough, durable components refined to a polished, glass-like surface. 

The Grip2U Airpods Pro Shell case is the best $12.99 investment you can make after purchasing the great-sounding and pricy AirPod Pro’s.

There’s not a lot to it, just a protective two-piece rubber shell with a built-in carabiner attachment. The AirPods wireless charging case slips perfectly into the Grip2U Shell and still allows Qi wireless charging and visibility of the LED indicator light.

The outside of the shell has Grip2U’s Prevent the Drop design, while the carabiner can be secured to a belt loop, backpack or wherever you want them stored. available in metallic blue, metallic silver, and charcoal

by Gregg Ellman

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