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Comica, makers of professional audio equipment, claims their innovative all-in-one Traxshot is the first of a kind. The transformable professional broadcast all-in-one super-cardioid shotgun microphone changes shape to switch modes as you need them.

The microphone works with DSL, mirrorless, computers, and even smartphones to provide crystal clear and controllable audio. And with ease with no setup, it’s simply plug-and-play, which is essentially plug-and-record.

It has an air-float shock-absorption design with rubber rings built in to brace the microphone on top of the attachment plate. Its solid construction features full metal material, giving the user better shielding, and stability with recordings. On top is a dual boom mic, which can be angled to the area the audio where the audio is being captured. Each mic is built with an included windproof design to reduce basic wind and other background noises.

The flexible shotgun mic has four modes; Bi-Directional, mono, and 30 and 90-degree stereo. The latter has the movable mics separating depending on the angle needed. A small display shows the modes, battery levels, and other settings. 

If your recording area has higher wind that needs extra blocking, a high-density muff slides onto each microphones just like a sock to filter the higher level wind noise. A cold shoe is built onto the bottom of the Traxshot for each mounting and connects to the camera with the included cable.

The Traxshot (4.8-by-2.5-by-2.4-inches, 4.6-ounces) has multiple modes, a frequency range: 20~20kHz runs off a built-in rechargeable (USB-C) lithium battery. Charging takes about 3 hours and the battery can last up to 20 hours in standby mode.

The USB-C connection is also used for future firmware updates. A headphone out port is built into the side. A 1/4 20-inch thread, for attaching to tripods, and other photography accessories, is on the bottom. A storage case is included.

Even if you are not in the professional video world, the Traxshot does a great job of capturing audio for vacations or basic fun videos, I found it considerably better compared to the audio captured with the internal microphones built into the cameras. Being able to send the microphones in different directions can be a big advantage in many situations. $143

Earlier this year Urbanista launched the Miami, active noise-cancelling wireless over-the-head headphones. 

No matter how good the audio is from any headphones, a feature I find critical is comfort. Without a good feel and fit, it doesn’t matter how good the audio is. Urbanista has given the Miami headphones the theme “Designed for Life in Motion,” and instantly when you have the headphones on your head, the comfort of the smooth cushioned shells produces a custom fit and feels great.

Before I heard the sound, I read the features and saw the Miamis have all the necessry features needed at a budget-friendly price. 

This includes active noise canceling, Bluetooth 5.0, up to 50 hours (750 mAh) battery life playtime, 40 hours with ANC on. They charge via USB-C, play with ambient sound mode and on-ear detection, which has shot up high on my list of wanted features. With the help of built-in sensors, this pauses the music when the headphone is removed from your head

Everything is controlled with the on-ear controls for power, sound modes, volume, and track selections.

Inside each ear cup is a 40 mm driver, producing a nice heavy, but not head-pounding bass sound. This worked great for all types of playlists as well as some talk radio.

The adjustable Miamis have a brushed aluminum look. They are available in four attractive Miami-inspired colors; pearl white, midnight black, ruby red (my review unit), and teal green.

The active noise canceling mode blocks outside sounds, street noise or other distractions. With ambient sound mode, important sounds are filtered in, keeping you alert to the environment around you.

Each ear cups folds flat, to fit in the included hard zippered travel case with the included auxiliary cable, airline adapter, and a USB Type C charging cable. $149

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