Platypod® Announces New Multi-Accessory Kit Photographers! Get Ready to Unleash the Full Potential of Platypod Tripods

East Brunswick, N.J., August 31, 2021 – Platypod, makers of the world’s most compact camera supports designed to help photographers get steady shots in tight spots where standard tripods can’t go, announces today the new Multi-Accessory Kit. Featuring a sturdy and unique new 2″ wide Arca compatible quick release disc that easily attaches to cameras, ball heads, and other accessories, this new kit expands the versatility of Platypod tripods. 

The Multi-Accessory Kit is compatible with the durable, versatile, and portable Platypod Pro, Max or Ultra tripods and together allow photographers to unlock the full potential of everything their Platypod has to offer. The complete kit includes:

  • 2″ wide Arca compatible, anodized aluminum round mounting plate/riser (just like the one that will soon ship with the Platyball)
    • 3/8”-16 female with 1/4”-20 stainless steel bolt
    • Male to 3/8”-16 female adapter with circular bubble level
  • 3-inch spigot adapter for portable and creative studio lighting
  • Silicone pad to secure grip on flat surfaces
  • 36-inch cinch strap for securing a Platypod on large, freestanding objects (such as trees and wide poles)
  • 3″ carabiner
  • Drawstring pouch to keep all items secure and neatly packed

For a thorough demonstration of all the items in the kit, check out this introduction video. 

About Platypod

Launched in 2014, Platypod Pro LLC is a small, family-owned business committed to making excellent quality products for professional photographers and videographers at affordable prices. The company’s unique and practical designs make Platypod products extremely versatile pieces of equipment designed to expand the creativity levels of all imagemakers. 

Inspired by the duck-billed platypus, an animal with flat and broad feet, compact Platypod tripods are designed with an unusual but highly ergonomic and elegant flat shape, perfectly balanced for DSLRs and lenses. There are two versions of Platypod tripods – Max for DSLRs and video cameras with heavy lenses and Ultra for lighter DSLR’s, mirrorless and compact action cameras, and smartphones. Pair Max or Ultra with a Multi Accessory Kit or the new stackable goosenecks to unlock their full potential. Platypod is poised to release Platyball, the world’s first button-operated tripod head with an inverted design and an electronic leveling indicator, in 2021.

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