Bob Shell publishes first book in twelve years.

Bob Shell, well known photographer, writer, artist, blogger and editor, has been incarcerated in Virginia since 2007 over events that he has proof never even happened.

Shell, now 72, has not let those twelve years go to waste, filling notebook after notebook with his unique ideas for new books. He has now published the first of a planned series of books expressing his ideas. The book is titled THE COSMIC DANCE: A biologist’s reflections on space, time, reality, evolution, and the nature of consciousness.

Bob Shell was originally schooled in biology and fine art, and after college, took a job as a biologist and scientific illustrator at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

He shifted careers into photography in the 1970s and spent most of his later career writing for and editing photography magazines and writing more than two dozen books, primarily on photography, but also on digital video, massage therapy, and the Roswell incident.

He says, “Writing a book in prison is not easy. I’ve had no access to computers to write on, not even a typewriter, and had to write my new book using a little mini tablet with touch screen and Android virtual keyboard. It was a long and slow process. This little book is the product of twelve years of filling notebooks with ideas that came to me during the long days of looking at nothing but cell walls.”

The book is his personal take on life; physics and cosmology, biology (particularly evolutionary theory and its problems), recent government declassified documents about the UFO phenomenon, and his views on religion and the history of Christianity. His unique and thought-provoking views will be of interest to readers who are open minded and troubled by the standard views on these varied subjects. His is a quirky and unique voice.

The new book is available from Amazon softbound or as an eBook.
Price is $ 12.95 for the book,
ISBN: 1799224740

Bob Shell can be contacted by email by signing up at using his name, Robert Shell and state number 1201280. He can be contacted by mail at:
Robert Shell # 1201280
River North Correctional Center
329 Dellbrook Lane
Independence, VA 24348-3705

*Letters are limited to three pages.

-Information about Bob and his legal case is on his website:
-Bob’s Blog has appeared regularly since 2011 at:



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