Photo Retouching Agency, Glo Up Club, Launches to Fill Void in Social Media Space

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Glo Up Club, a photo retouching agency, announces its launch today. The Los Angeles-based agency focuses on photo retouching specifically for online and social media usage—the first of its kind.

An example of a photo that has received the Glo Up Club treatment.
An example of a photo that has received the Glo Up Club treatment.
An example of a photo that has received the Glo Up Club treatment.
An example of a photo that has received the Glo Up Club treatment.

Founded by Justin Miller, the launch of Glo Up Club comes on the heels of Miller’s departure from PhotoHouse Productions where he served as Senior Photo Producer and Retoucher. Miller has amassed a team of retouchers who have worked with every major magazine, celebrity, and brand, with the goal of bringing this service to the everyday consumer at a modest price.

Miller expounds, “Blemishes, wrinkled clothing, and photobombers are all inevitable, but before Glo Up Club, there wasn’t an easy way to fix these ailments. If someone wanted to retouch, or ‘edit’ their photos, the options were a professional print-quality retoucher with a hefty price tag, or doing it themselves on an app which rarely looks good! Glo Up Club offers these accessible entry-level photo retouching services that were previously missing.”

While influencers and celebrities seem the most likely patrons of Glo Up Club, the company considers anyone with a social media account a potential customer. With quick turnaround times, straightforward pricing, and eye-catching results, Glo Up Club fills a noticeable void for billions of social media users.

Miller continues, “I’ve overseen the retouching of models and celebrities for years and think that every person deserves this same treatment. Social media is a personal space where users should express themselves exactly how they want. If Glo Up Club helps people celebrate their unique selves, then we have achieved our goal.”

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About Glo Up Club:
Glo Up Club is a Los Angeles based photo retouching agency that specializes in retouching photos for online and social media usage. The agency consists of a team of professional retouchers who have worked with the world’s top brands, magazines, and celebrities.

With a simple process and affordable pricing, Glo Up Club perfects photos for the everyday social media user, helping them to create and express their individuality.

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