New LensPen Product Bundles Make Great Holiday Gifts

Just in time for the holidays, LensPen has bundled several of their most popular optics cleaning products for lenses, filters, eyepieces and sensors for cameras and drones. These new bundles are a great complement to the individual products and cleaning kits photographers have counted on for more than 25 years.

LensPen offers three bundles: for lens and sensor cleaning, for drones and one that cleans both cameras and drones.

 Lens and Sensor Cleaning Bundle  A complete lens, sensor and filter cleaning bundle that includes a LensPen DSLR Pro Kit (Original LensPen, FilterKlear and MicroPro in a microfiber pouch), SensorKlear II pen for cleaning sensors on DSLR and mirrorless cameras, and a Hurricane Blower. $55.95.
 The Ultimate Drone Bundle  LensPen has developed a line of optics cleaners designed specifically for drones, and packaged them together in their Ultimate Drone bundle. Includes a LensPen for Drones, MiniPro for Drones, MicroPro for Drones and FilterKlear for Drones. $42.95.
 Photo and Drone Bundle  Cleans camera and drone lenses. The Photo and Drone bundle includes a DSLR Pro Kit and a LensPen MiniPro for Drones. $42.95

LensPen bundles include free shipping within North America and a $20 flat rate anywhere else in the world. LensPen bundles are available at

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Posted by at November 21, 2019
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