Gadgets :: January 22, 2020

by Gregg Ellman

The Capstone Connected brings efficiency to a whole new level with the launch of the magical Capstone Connected Smart Mirror, designed to bridge the gap between technology and everyday life

While brushing your teeth, you can simultaneously have the mirror give you your local news, get your coffee brewing, check the traffic before your day begins and then turn the lights off as you head out.

The smart mirror looks like a mirror, with a modern design making it perfect for a bathroom, bedroom, entryway or hallway. It hangs like a traditional mirror or use it on the included stand on any flat surface.

But what makes the mirror so smart is that it performs and functions just like a tablet with both touchscreen and voice interfaces for internet access. Android operating system is built in to download apps and use Google Voice Assistant for hands-free tasks and browse social media.

And if you have multiple people using  the mirror, each user can modify and customize the Smart Mirror to fit their personal experience with browsers, apps and short cuts accessed with a simple, “Hey Google, Good Morning.” 

According to Capstone, the mirrors’ functionality is driven by the Capstone Connected Control Hub, which is integrated into the mirror through its proprietary docking feature to access anything you would access through your smartphone or tablet. The Hub can be used to set up music playlists, messaging apps, social media profiles and much more when connected to your home Wi-Fi.

The smart mirror was on display earlier this month at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas and is available in a 19-by-22-inch  inch size for $599. More sized options will be available at later dates.

And if you choose, you can have the Moshi SnapTo magnetic wireless charger hang right next to the smart mirror. First and foremost the SnapTo is a Qi-certified wireless charger but also one of most versatile charging systems you can own.

It’s designed to exclusively work with Moshi SnapTo smartphone cases, which connect to the charger for the boost of power. The case includes a 3M wall mount kit to hang wherever you charging is done, while also being able to give you full access to the smartphones screen.

Once the wall mount kit is in place, just drop in the SnapTo cased phone for viewing and charging. The charger can also be used on a flat surface as a horizontal viewing stand to watching videos and playing games.

I had it mounted on the side of my nightstand, which instantly showed me my alarm clock is even more obsolete than I knew already, since my alarm app and clock display on my smartphone was now facing me, while charging up overnight for the next day.

Moshi also has the SnapTo car mount with wireless charging, so having the SnapTo case gives compatibility to both (sold separately).

The Qi wireless charge is fast charging up to 10w. Moshi SnapTo smartphone cases are available individually or in bundled packages. $49.95

The Catalyst premium slim case for AirPods Pro will give your wireless earbuds a little colorful style but also a layer of protection. 

They protective case covers your AirPods case like a glove, are built with military grade impact protection to withstand drops and rolling around in bags or backpacks.  The case is also fully compatible with wireless charging.

A pass-through port on the bottom allows you to connect your charging cable to keep them charged up and the style comes from the choice of seven bright colors. $19.99, available for Pre-Order with an early February delivery expected

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